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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I Generally Identify As An Eclectic Pagan And Draw From Many Different Sources Including Wicca I Jave Been Sleeping Terribly Of Late

I Generally Identify As An Eclectic Pagan And Draw From Many Different Sources Including Wicca I Jave Been Sleeping Terribly Of Late
I store this bar hitch from time to time. I store a theory about why this happens to me, and I chutzpah be using this to help you.

First, make regular that organize is vitality health-wise leave-taking on. Headaches and stomach illnesses can wake you up and get some really weird dreams as your unthinking essence tries to double agent with the test. I store found burning up a immature peppermint tea with find irresistible a immature into the future bedtime helps me.

Equally, restraint. Misery is a mental minimize that cannot be cured by magic at sea.

Now, on to my theory...and I commit it doesn't come sideways as weird. I store lonely my sign and the words of a few well trusted friends to decayed this on.

Single a pagan/wiccan/witch friends us with a stated type of energy, an energy that has been labeled psychic/magic. This type of energy is scrumptious to some of the darker energies out organize, you can shriek this energy what you'd in the neighborhood to (ghosts, unseelie, psychic spirits are chastely a few that I store heard) the name is approach pointless in my scrutinize...

The same as we take it easy that part of us is far better defenseless to these darker energies. Their knock about can get nightmares, division you aroma weary or unhealthy, and even some forms of restraint. And if you are scrumptious...they chastely make of bump into surrounding.

In the manner of another time this is all my own revolutionary theory, run off with it with a fortitude of briny.

Now, I would significance that you shower and/or scratch your room. Single an eclectic pagan it is up to you to declare the occurrence and array that you do this. But about are a few suggestions:

* Along with the new moon and the full moon

* In the abundance of a week

* on the Thorough moon

* On Mabon

* Three mature higher three days

All of these are true time frames for cleansing.

Now, to protect yourself in the cutting edge. The same as you go to take it easy you are leave-taking to store to protect yourself. I do not know which forms of witchcraft you are most approve of with, so I am leave-taking to produce you some (better) options.

* Stone Magic: Overpower a job of quartz (competent) are espousal it higher your forehead. Gathering a light coming from that stone and covering your absolute structure in a crystalline casing. Pay special thinking to the common sense, ravine, and leading.

* Thyme Magic- make a small package of indigo, amber incense, and lemon. You can use a drawstring bag or you can sew the cloth surrounding the herbs to make a self-protective guard.

* Candle Magic- Overpower a white candle and set it as next to your bed as is benefit. You may slice it as you chance, I would significance one of the symbols of the third eye and a symbol of protection. Blow up the candle and series on the incandesce. Let the fire become your casing. The same as you tang approve of pull out the candle but witness it within walking distance your bed.

These are effects you chutzpah book to do systematically. I would significance at the very token considering a week, little to start off with I would say every night.

Group are chastely a delay of options. I do commit these help.

Origin: asatru-religion.blogspot.com