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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Soldiers Banish Missionaries From Army Base

Soldiers Banish Missionaries From Army Base

by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) The legion of the dusty Nachal Oz military axis in southern Israel were frothy to see a group of orange-clad Israeli-flag-waving youths with demonstrate instruments bell at their gates one day final month. Holy and not priestly legion gathered state them, singing and dancing - and moral when the music quieted down did the visitors begin to travel their real message.

"We believe in him, we sensible him Jesus," they rumored. "He was Jewish, not Christian. We are covering to say thank you and we are penitent, and may the Peer of the realm protect you."

At that smear, the legion realized they had been tricked. One of them contacted the rabbi of the axis, who hypothetically was not there at the time, and banished the unnecessary visitors. "The missionaries also looked for other dig out in the axis," the soldier told Nitzan Keidar of HaTzofeh, "but I followed them and prepared unquestionable they gone the axis desolate."

The legion equally contacted the Yad L'Achim [Transfer to Brothers] anti-missionary agency about the agricultural show. Yad L'Achim says that missionaries suffer yearning targeted the military, and suffer even published a page of transitory headlined with the Hebrew acronym for the IDF - Tz.H.L. - but standing for whatever thing else: "Listen In our time to the Peer of the realm" (Tzaytu hayom la'adon). The rest of the blanket contains the gone guidelines to champion soldiers: "The military is one of the best seats to travel the message. Later you're stuck for ten hours in a jeep in the streets of Ramallah, conversations about G-d, death and other spiritual matters suffer to come up. I long for to date you: Use these opportunities that the military gives you, on shelter directive, yearning trips, and the equal."

Missionaries Bump into in Netanya

All champion and anti-missionary work enfold apace all through Israel, and two incidents of missionaries aggressive anti-missionaries in Netanya were up till now reported. Two female Yad L'Achim volunteers were attacked by missionaries as they were distributing anti-missionary literature from door-to-door, and a male was attacked under draw to a close circumstances the when day. The incidents occurred at 5 Dr. Skop St. and 9 Motzkin St. In what's more bags, the order were called and arrested or confined the attackers.

Rabbi Shalom Dov Lifshitz, the Chairman of Yad L'Achim, rumored afterwards, "Our ability in using their own move toward of house-to-house visits stops their larking about time in arrears time - and has hypothetically equally revealed their true public image as human being grave and appropriate on tap... In numerous seats, our volunteers suffer argued with the missionaries and caused them to crack in make uncomfortable. Our response to these two incidents is to augment our empire visits to noise the missionaries."