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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Horus Lord Of The Skies

Horus Lord Of The Skies
Now this God is a very entrancing first name - present-day are the acquaintances with Jesus and Christianity, and the Prediction kit I am using to learn about them is named in the rear him. You see the pictures of the eye where - lol and even as tattoos. Grant is no matter which about Horus - but what? Where do we start?

Who was Horus?

* Son of Osiris and Isis.
* The prophesy - the lord of dream, music, art, humour and beauty.
* In parallel the god of hunting people, represented by the falcon.
* He ensuing became accepted with the sun - and as a symbol for the Pharaoh example.
* The Sky god Horus's no more eye was the moon and the apposite eye was the sun.
* He is the all-seeing eye of extrasensory faculty, heightened seer and long-drawn-out appeal.
* The four elements, Air, Sea, Ground and Transmit are at his control.
* Represents the rate of the natural world, concurrent to the eastern horizon and odd lands.
* His colour is Orange.

(Lawson 1996)