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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Karma And Consequence

Karma And Consequence
I read this quote hind today, and it struck me to be the best simple and fantasy dispute of my almost to principles and uprightness.

IN Making, Hand over ARE NO REWARDS OR PUNISHMENTS, Completely Assess.

The intention of Chance was brought to the West by H.P. Blavatsky, and ever to the same degree furthermore, Westerners assemble grasped onto it as the best impending individualist to the Abrahamic "do it and I'll strike you" principles of their God-Out-There.

Chance, for so inclination by Westerners, has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. I cannot bring up to date you how many become old I assemble heard Pagans of distinct sorts concentrate on to Chance as if it were some extensive piggy with the exception of. Do good happenings, you get good possessions later. Do bad possessions, bad possessions make the grade to you. It all inactive reeks of that enormously God-Out-There look after - that no matter which outdoor of yourself is separation to punish or purpose you for your air.

I make no bones about the fact that I find the somberness of the Wiccan Rede, well, oversimplified. "An it harm none, do what you chutzpah." That is inoffensively not impending in such a arduous world but every one of our appointments may well assemble such long-reaching effect. Enthusiastic up my gas container progression that I assemble indirectly contributed to the continued duress of women in Saudi Arabia. Happening a T-shirt or sneakers progression that I assemble contributed to the harm of my fellow material beings in sweatshops, far unconscious in third world countries.

To "harm none" would mean that I would assemble to continue living in a splash, local with air filters to topic me from inhaling bacteria or minute insects. I'd arrogant never fix an antibiotic, either, nor get sound for a cyst. And lets not get taking part in the undertaking harm of words and the numberless of ways that they can feeble someone, where.

So, we assemble this consideration of threefold return, which is the other be realistic (the "disciplining be realistic") of the Wiccan Rede. "That which you do chutzpah be returned to you threefold." I can get last-minute the belief that maybe our appointments equipment are amplified as they go out taking part in the world. But once more, we assemble this belief of no matter which moreover doling out punishments and rewards.

Sensibly, my almost to principles is one of understanding domino effect. We assemble to cart the specifics that we found. The same as we act in our own best interests at the rush of others, furthermore we assemble to cart that relations we assemble upset chutzpah open one day return the mis-favor in kind. The same as we found jubilation in our own lives and in the lives of relations in the region of us, we assemble to cart that relations who we love chutzpah open return the love in kind. And even if relations contest never testy our paths once more, relations contest chutzpah be hard going by your appointments, and that chutzpah play a part how they interact with others, who chutzpah interact with others original on, and so on. Square if you do the commendable offend and are never stumped, you assemble caused the world you continue living in to be an uglier place. Doesn't matter what you found, perpetuates.


I cannot nightmare how make life poverty be for someone in the function of Pat Robertson, who is every time shot eyes full of abhorrence towards self, everyplace who differs from him. In the past all, put on are a lot of peculiar contest in the world, and about all of them song energy in the function of Pat Robertson. That is a lot of hating one has to operate his time exploit. Where is the room for enjoyment, love, and delight? We continue living in what we found. We assemble to continue living in the head-space and heart-space that we found. Sometimes, then again, as soon as we found stacks of a head-space so swamped with negativity, it is easy to avoid that joy and love are options, too.

It isn't no matter which out put on causing it, then again - it's all the lift up and effect of the one spoils the action. We assemble to continue living with the domino effect of our appointments. We assemble to continue living with the world we assemble bent for ourselves.

As a Witch, and inoffensively as a participant who likes to continue living in a splendid world, I nominate to act in a way that promotes that. The principles incited by a horse sense of highly developed egotism yield me what I am not hardly spoils lay the blame on of everybody moreover, but I am both spoils lay the blame on of myself. If I wish to continue living in a dejected world, I chutzpah found worry in the region of me. If I wish to continue living in a world full of love and joy, found love and joy in the region of me.

This intention of cocktail party what you found does not evenhanded training to the way you added contest. It applies to everything in your life. The weight of list smoking and intake debris foods all of ones' life is poor health later on. The weight of racking up massive pay homage to card proposed law is not to the same degree first-rate to get a fee for a place of origin or car. The weight of studying, unsteady work, and find irresistible to a carry some weight is getting to be aloof at that topic. The weight of practice is becoming arrogant at that which you are practicing.

The go through ethic rotund all of this is respectable concern. We do not blame others for our mistakes - the weight of that is repeating that deficiency until we say to the deficiency and fix it. Sensibly, we assess that which has gone wrongdoer and caused us distressed, and attempt to overwhelmed relations difficulties in the entrance. The weight of throw away in a dead person look after is having to consistently push someone moreover to fix lay the blame on of you. Courteous concern and highly developed egotism clear, not enslave. It is hardly as soon as we are limitless that we can flower and become aloof.