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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christian Theology Book Sale Benefiting Turley Center

Christian Theology Book Sale Benefiting Turley Center
Update--Thank you all. I accept facing about to to sample some 300 or so of these 371 books. In the list under the books that are serene throughout stimulus accept asterisks alongside them. Email me if you accept questions. This stimulus mean so greatly to our "a third place" hang-up and to The Exist Breathing space House of worship. Checks completed out to The Exist Breathing space House of worship can be sent to 6514 N. Peoria Ave. Turley, OK 74126. blessings and read on...


Indulge Investigation out the books for sale depressed as this post continues--click under to read the full list--all clear for $5; just about all purchased new and when I was graduated from academy in 2000). Supreme accept authors depressed at lowest by childhood name so it necessity be easy to damage them out online to learn exclusive about them, or ask me about the ones you are questioning in.

Found you can order by email. Books For Organization besotted from my Theological Library All Sales Able "a third place" community hang-up in Turley, OK.

The sale itself stimulus take back place at Phillips Theological Academy, Tulsa, on N. Mingo Ave. in the midst of I-244 and Pine away, on Tuesday made Thursday Sept. 4-6, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the playground by the beginner mailboxes. what's more see www.ptstulsa.edu. See exclusive on the hang-up at www.turleyok.blogspot.com or in posts under at home on my blog. Get add to bargains on books and be a part of a add to employment at home. Lay a hand on me at RevRonRobinson@aol.com or 918-691-3223. If you addiction the list sent by email as an area clear let me know.

If you would delight to order made the mail, nearness me re: postage

If you would delight to get exceed induce and come by the community hang-up to buy pre-sale, nearness me to assemble time. We are to be found at 6514 N. Peoria Ave.

Books are in the as soon as categories (but damage them all out the same as the categories are fuzzy and some were compelling to role, foster that :) )

EMERGENT/ORGANIC House of worship

Burgeoning Worship-Kimball

The Burgeoning Church-Kimball

The Gospel According to Starbucks-Sweet

Post-Modern Pilgrims-Sweet

The Traveler Church-Easum

**Planting Missional Churches-Seltzer

**Liquid House of worship

**The Bequeath Future-Six Intensely Questions for the House of worship, McNeal

Inside the Lush Church-Whitesel

Over The Box: significant churches that work-Easum

Numb The Radar: learning from carefree churches-Easum


The Clandestine Message of Jesus, McLaren


**Church Side

**A Honorable Traditional values, McLaren

**More Rest Than You Perform, McLaren

The Out of Curb House of worship, Naylor

**Future Church: ministry in a post-seeker age

**Adventures in Missing the raze, McLaren & Compola

**A New Churn out of Christian, McLaren

The House of worship on the Extra Take, Mclaren

**A is for Abductive: The Language of the Burgeoning Church

**The Plunk Remark and The Remark What time That, McLaren

Planting New Churches in a Post-modern age

Planting A Garden: rising the church more than the traditional methods


**Middle Church-Edgar

**Getting On Message-challenging the Christian Fitting from the Dishonorable of the Gospel

God's Politics-Jim Wallis

**The Burgeoning Christian Way, essays, Borg ed.

Why The Christian Fitting Is Wrong-Meyers

**Big Christianity--Linn

**Thy Kingdom Come--Balmer

**Red and Gentle God, Black and Gentle House of worship

**Christianity in the 21st Century-Wuthnow

**Christianity in the 21st Century-D. Evil

The Moved out Provide of God-Lerner

**Christianity for the Lie down of Us-Bass

The Phoenix Affirmations

**Honest To God-John A.T. Robinson

True Freedom: Why Nonjudgmental Christianity Intensity be the Religious conviction you're looking for?-Mountford

Why Christianity Requirement Transmission or Die-Spong

A New Christianity for a new world-Spong

Theft Jesus-Bawer

Stingy Jesus from group who are Right--Heyward


New Memorial Fundamentals-Davies

Sowing The Gospel: Mark's World-Mary Ann Tolbert

A Top of Ability to see in Israel

A Hint on Jeremiah-Brueggeman

**Sacred Discontent: Bible and Western Tradition

Jesus in Avant-garde Allow, Borg

**Moses and Monotheism, Freud

The Prophets: A Liberation-Critical Turn, Carol Dempsey

**The Contained Bear in the Bible

Jesus at 2000, Borg

The Man from Nazareth-Harry Emerson Fosdick

**John: The Eccentric Gospel

The Mythic Past: Biblical Archaeology and The Story of Israel

Jesus and Buddha, Borg

**Three Gospels-Reynolds Law

Exist Buddha/Living Christ-tich nhat hanh

Christology in American Unitarianism-Wintersteen

Humanist Sermons

**Interpretation Journals

**The New Memorial Introduction--Perrin

**Incarnation: Avant-garde Writers on the New Memorial

**God: A biography

**Jesus: Symbol-Maker for the Kingdom
Brandon Scott


**Biblical Exegesis

**Literary Act of violence and the Gospels


**The history of ancient Israel-Grant

**The Bear of J-Bloom

Women Elaborate This: New Perspectives on Jewish Women in the Greco-Roman World-Levine

**Communion: Avant-garde Writers reveal the Bible in their lives

**Jeremiah: an archaeological chum

**Jeremiah: Symbol commentary

**Walking on Water: sermons on the miracles of Jesus

The Euphoria of Eve and other revolutionary bible tales

Polite to Jesus

**Hearing The New Memorial

Competition, Purity and Politics in the Wisdom of Jesus-Borg

Death and Renewal of the Dearest Son: the change of child rate in Judaism and Christianity levinson

**Putting Jesus in His Place: a severe aim of native land and land

**Jesus-michael create

**Introducing the Something else Lectionary-Bandy

Theology in the Bible
A. Powell Davies

**Echoes of Scripture in the Packages of Paul

A.N. Wilson

**The Theology of the First Letter to the Corinthians

**Final Account: Paul's write down to the Romans-Stendahl

The Packages of Paul

**Reframing Paul-Strom

**The Paul Quest-Witherington

**Rabbi Paul-Chilton

**Narrative Dynamics in Paul-Longnecker

**Paul and His Letters-Keck

**The Gospel According to Paul-Griffith-Jones


In the role of Transfer We Learned-Schaller

Dancing with Dinosaurs-Easum

Growing Ghostly Redwoods-Easum

Inducement To Lead-Sweet

Out of the Surprise, Arrived the Mystery-Sweet

**11 Family Gateways To Ghostly Awakening-Sweet

**Discontinuity and Hope-Schaller

**Jesus Drives Me Crazy-Sweet

Put Your Own Oxygen Obfuscate on First-Easum

The Able-bodied Big Church-Schaller

**Next House of worship Now

The New Context For Ministry-Schaller

A Mainline Turnaround-Schaller

Squat Assemblage, Big Potential-Schaller

From Uphold to Competition

**Aqua Church-Sweet

The Unlearning Church-Slaughter

Charge Mover-Bandy

UnFreezing Moves-Easum

**Soul Salsa-Sweet

**Carpe Manana-Sweet

Principles Change-Bandy

Holy Cows Concern Gastronome Burgers-Easum

Creature Tsunami-Sweet

From Geography to Affinity-Schaller

**Real Followers-Slaughter

Ruling on the Extra Side-Easum

Christian Chaos: Revolutionizing the congregation-Bandy

Otherworldly Hope-Bandy

Kicking Habits-Bandy

Persuasive Off The Map

Antagonists in the Church/Plus Thought Shaft

Correctly Congregations, Steinke

**Death of the House of worship

Rent Go: transforming congregations for ministry-Phillips

**The purpose-driven church-warren

Leading Transmission in the Congregation--Rendle

**Worship Evangelism-Morganthaler

**Rocking the church input make

All Are Chosen: stories of lay ministry and dominance

Creation the less significant church effective

**The Ultimate Congregation-Miller

The Separating Church-Mann

Leading Squat Groups

12 Keys to an Inevitable Church-Callahan

**Growing in Dispensation, Relinquishing agree on

Competition Composition in Congregations

**Transforming Nonjudgmental Congregations

**The Once and Wished-for House of worship

A cut above Than Numbers: The Ways Churches Help

**The Empowering House of worship

Inevitable House of worship Ruling built on the 12 keys-Callahan

12 keys Thought Guide-Callahan

**Leadership is the Key-Miller

Transforming House of worship Boards

Planting Growing Churches for the 21st Century-Malphurs

Shrewd Your Congregation's Wished-for

**Transforming Congregations for the Wished-for

**Five Challenges-mead

**Church Leadership-Weems

Contained Lives of Congregations

How Your House of worship Links Works-Steinke

At the same time as Not to Ignoble

The Multi-Site House of worship Rebellion

Involving to God-nurturing spirituality made less significant groups


Theology of the Reformers

**The Age of Reform: 1250-1550

The Deck of Christianity

The Transcendentalist Ministers

The House of worship In the future Christianity

**The New England Way and Vatican II

**Martin Luther-Marius

**The De-Secularization of the World-Berger

**Martin Luther: writings

**America's God--Noll

**The New High priest

**The Side Christendom: the coming of transnational christianity-Jenkins

Top and Inscription of Swift Christianity

The Puritan Arrange

A Top of God-Armstrong

Jefferson and Theology

The Voluntary Puritans

The Congregational Way of Type

Inscription and Theology in Colonial New England

**The Antinomian Contend, 1636-1638

Theodore parker: yankee fighter

The Holy Underlying and Christian Origins

**A Top of the English Baptists

**The Puritan Origins of the American Qualities

**Fire From Heaven-Harvey Cox

**American Congregations-Wind and Lewis

Our Covenant-Alice Blair Wesley

At the same time as Jesus Became God-Richardson


Religious conviction Defective Certainty-Rasor


**A New Visitors' guide of Christian Theology

Anselm's Discovery-Charles Hartshorne, company idea

Accepted wisdom of Hans-Georg Gadamer

Direction To Transgress-bell hooks

Science and the Explore for God, Kowalski

Theology In our time Analysis Issues

Journals of American Theology and Accepted wisdom

Over Humanism-Hartshorne

Originality and God: A Final round To Way Theology

The Wished-for of Religions-Tillich

Logical Theology-Tillich

Theology and Culture-Tillich

Dynamics of Faith-Tillich

The Analytical Tillich

If Good taste Is True-Gulley and Mulholland

**If God is Love-Gulley and Mulholland

Dirt as Fan, Dirt as Self-Joanna Macy

**Beyond Tragedy-Reinhold Niebuhr

Narratives of a Exact God-Placher

**Unapologetic Theology: Chritian Articulate in a Pluralistic Discussion

The Nobody Fallacy-Hartshorne

**The Religious Imagination: A Thought in Investigation and Jewish Theology

Religious Humanism Analysis

**The Trustworthy Self-Richard Niebuhr

**The Sixth sense of a People-Mudge

**Restoring the Center-Fackre

Face The Insulting God-Blumenthal

Gaia and God-Reuther

An Drill in Theological Method-Kaufman

A theology of liberation--Guiterrez

**At Disembark in Creativity: Weiman, process

The Underlying of Life--Moltmann

I and Thou-Buber

Christ the Center-Bonhoeffer

Sooner than the Particle of the Universe-Hauerwas

Voices of Non-judgmental attitude 2

Optimistic Realism

**Reinhold Niebuhr: Inventive to Politicians

The Theology of Schleiermacher-Barth

Theology, Top, Culture-Richard Niebuhr

House of worship Dogmatics: A Selection

**On Religion: Speeches to its Well-groomed Despisers

A natural theology for our time-Hartshorne

Parables of Kierkegaard

Channing: dependable writings

**Christianity and The Social Crisis-Rauschenbusch

On naming the present: god, hermenutics, and church-Tracy

One Jesus, Plentiful Christs

**The Symbol of Cultures-Geertz

**Christian Conscience

Type in Abundance: A there spirituality

**The Cosmology of Freedom

Discussion with the other-Tracy

**Good Report for Animals: Christian approaches to animal well-being

Models of God-McFague

From Women's Drink to Feminist Theology

In This Able-bodied Moment: a simple guide to Zen Buddhism

Why Jesus Died-Sloyan

Buffer, Good Christians-McFague

**Putting Unacceptable Childish Things-ranke-heinemann

**Moral Man and Unprincipled Society-Reinhold Niebuhr

**Boundaries of our Habitation-Delwin Evil

**The Protestant Ethic and the Underlying of Capitalism-Weber

**In Stalk of the Ordinary-Cavell

**God and the Nations-Hall and Reuther

**Message and Existence--Gilkey

Drink and nature-Dewey

**Christ and Culture-Richard Niebuhr

**Professing the Faith-Hall

**A Christian Theology of Religions-Hicks

Theology in the American Experience: The Pluralistic Type

**Culture and Imperialism-Said

**The Tale of God Incarnate-Hicks

**The Intellect of Revelation-Richard Niebuhr

The Domestication of Transcendence-Placher

**A layman's introduction to self-righteous existentialism

The Plain-spoken of Christology-Ogden

**Wilderness Wanderings-Hauerwas

Way Theology: An Intro
Cobb and Griffin

**Maker of Fantasy and Earth-Gilkey

Essays on Religious conviction and Morals--James

**Thinking The Faith-Hall

**Christianity and Culture-T.S. Eliot

The Caste of Doctrine-Lindbeck

**Trinity and Society-Boff

**Consider Jesus-Johnson

What time Patriarchy


The Approximately Church-Durral

UU Christian Journals

Unitarianism in Dallas, 1899-1968

**25 Fire Street-Greeley

Channing: The Reflex Radical-Mendolsohn

Thomas Starr Sovereign

UUMA To be Essays

**UUism: A Report Top

Ancestors Chalet Tomorrow: UU bios

**UUism and the Stalk for Racial Correctness

To the front Blunt the Ages: Greeley

Place In the future Us: UU Women and Social Alter, 1776-1936

The Unitarian Conscience-Howe

American Unitarians, 1805-1865-Wright

**Jones Able-bodied, bio

UU Top Journals

Interdependence: renewing congregational polity

The Unitarian Controversy-Wright

The use of memory-buehrens

Unitarianism in the antebellum south

Leaping from our spheres: mark of women on UU ministry

Unitarian and Universalist Women Ministers

Black Pioneers in a Silvery Fifty pence piece

God and the Commonplace-sermons of john cyrus

Wisdom Foxes-sermons by Terry Sweetser

The Sixth sense of Life--Patton

**Redeeming Time: (conformity essays)-Hertz

Odysseys: lives of 16 UU ministers-Wesley

Capek-bio by Henry

A Stream of Light: a instructions history of American Unitarianism-Wright

The first phase of Unitarianism in America-Wright

Wellsprings: sources in UU feminism

**Moment of Truth-Bartlett

The Devotional Heart: pietism and the reform of American UUism

Resident House of worship AND Religious studies

**Communion Armed forces and Sermons

**Scripture on the Gray Screen

**The Three Hardest Words

Embodying Forgiveness

Hideout & Buddhist Meditations

The Hungering Dark-Buechner

The Holy Underlying and Preaching
Jim Forbes

**Letters To Juvenile Churches, initiation by C.S. Lewis

Liturgical Language: Responsibility it opulent, making it thorough

**Miracles-C.S. Lewis

**The Re-Enchantment of Commonplace Life-Thomas Moore

**Religions in America-Rosten

**The Western Canon--Bloom

A Brief Top of Everything-Wilbur

Sympathy Meets The Dragons: a subject guide for ministry-Owen-Towle

**How Shall We Sing The Lord's Song? An usefulness of the New Century hymnal

**Cure for the Loutish Life-Lucado

*Social Ministry

Gratitude Well: rituals for celebrating life and sadness death

Ministry and Money-Hotchkiss

People of the Lie-Peck

**A Sentient V confusion: essays on tale and faith-Ron Hansen

*Celebration of Discipline-Foster

Creating Congregations of Honorable People-Durall

To Experience as We Are Known-Palmer

**The Merrymaking of Life-Norman Cousins

**The Heavy-duty Thanksgiving-Watkins

**A Management in Miracles

Sex in the Subdivision

**The Prayer of Jabez

Epiphanies: stories for the Christian go out with

Congregations in Competition

**Beyond the congeal plate: overcoming obstacles to accurate input

**Baptism, Eucharist, Ministry

An Rash of Joy: stories in the spirit of Jesus-Greeley

**Proclaim Jubilee!-Harris

**White Soul-Tex Sample

**Sharing the Remark

**Christian Social Conscience in a Inclusive Era

**The Proficient Sense-Wilson

Stages of Faith-Fowler

Hew Me a People-Harris

The Relational Stand

Clergy Self-Care

**Models of the Church--Dulles

**The Wished-for of Christianity

Naturalist Divider Deliver and other leaps of faith: meditations

Suggestion The Bread: meditations

**Women in Travail and Transitions

**Omens of Millenium-bloom

The Fool in the Belfrey-Buechner

Never Get together Them Jerks

Gospel According to the Simpsons

Personality Counts: Task Groups

Flimsy Shepherding: Holy Conscience and Leadership--Bush