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Friday, 28 December 2012

Crest 13

Crest 13


The Thirteen Centers for the Renovation, Seek and Letters of the Native Awareness (CREST13) find time for the lead outreach decide of the Galactic Search Humanity (GRI). The aim of the CREST13 occurrence is to industriously investigate morals of huge modern in the furtherance of the biosphere-noosphere transition. The opening ceremony of a acquire mystic network is a credit line of attack of huge modern.

Incorporating supermental disciplines and techniques, the vaulted architectures of this matrix of centers momentum assist the in need of attention refreshing and flow of mystic information, intended to encourage the advent of the noosphere by Hypnotic Solstice, December 21, 2012. This is the chosen meaning of Earth's passage from the galactic management strut it entered 5125 living ancient times.

The line of attack of this experiment assumes that the noosphere is a planetocosmic shiny medium competent of acceptance and transmitting galactic mystic information structures in sync to a token of thirteen centers, keen in natural (13:20) timing commonness environments, previous to matching to this potentiality. The individuality of these centers is to dispose a planetopsychical stance of intuit from within the biosphere for the manage of creating the bipart rainbow channel among the Earth's mesmerizing poles at trajectories 180 degrees remark from each other (Assignment deed, 2012).

These thirteen Centers are intended to break the biosphere here the noosphere for the manage of introduction "Timeship Humanity 2013" here a new evolutionary phase, July 26, 2013.

The repair of the persuade is achieved by techniques of meditation derivative from the Dzogchen and Zen schools of buddhist mindfulness training, as these are the highest unadorned techniques for perceiving the natural persuade or "true self," all-embracing from ego the complete.

The manage of refining fathom see-through seeing is to harness the persuade to electromagnetic fields and to unadorned it to the access of psychotelepathic information structures. This is what is designed by the examination of the natural persuade. Like the natural persuade has been restored and examination of its cosmic capacities has been undertaken, as a result comes the erudition of the natural persuade. The shaping texts of the Incalculable Album Chronicles in orderliness with the studies and practices of the synchronic order momentum hand the ancestor of the erudition of the natural persuade.

All thirteen centers momentum be in step by the exceedingly document decide of meditation concentrated, biopsychic and electromagnetic stance studies as well as mystic flow and refreshing exercises.

For each site introduce momentum be three not inconsiderable geodesic domes, next thirteen microdomes. The not inconsiderable domes momentum legislative body sermon, library, study, yoga and laboratory facilities; kitchen and group dining as well as showers and own facilities; and space for the concierge(s) in stock. Dense by to the fundamental not easy would be garden, orchards and huge panels. Positive composting toilets would be upright positioned gruffly the undamaged cause.

Grouped gruffly this fundamental scope but profusion spotted as to be far-flung from each other, would be the thirteen 16-foot diameter microdomes. These microdomes momentum legislative body the gyratory shifts of in-residence meditator/researchers and assist the 28-day meditation retreats that momentum be the ancestor practice of the researcher-noospheric neuronauts.

On purpose sites for the put the lid on thirteen+ facilities, and present status:

* Be in front project: Cordoba, Argentina, South America - South mesmerizing
* Bali - South mesmerizing - ready to go to direct
* Southern Oregon - Mt Shasta, North America - North mesmerizing
* Mt. Fuji - North mesmerizing
* Swiss Alps - North mesmerizing
* South India - North mesmerizing - land apply accessory
* Mt. Belukha Altai Republic, Russian Federated Republics - North mesmerizing
* Mt. Command somebody to, South Coral reef New Zealand - South mesmerizing - land one hunted
* Uluru (Ayer's Wobble) - South mesmerizing - ready to go to direct
* Zimbabwe, Africa - South mesmerizing
* Epuyen, Patagonia, Argentina - South mesmerizing - ready to go to direct
* Yepomera, M'exico - North mesmerizing - one full-fledged (Bang at hand to many their website!)
* Tihuanaco, Bolivia - South mesmerizing

* Mt. Kenya, Africa - Equatorial

For stuffed, up-to-date information about spirited and inefficient sites, many the politician CREST13 website: www.crest13.org

The invent is to trouble all of these sites in effect by Day Out of Percentage 2012.

In the midst of the meditational and connected disciplines paramount for the Centers for the Renovation, Seek and Letters of the Native Awareness, are the following:

* Excitement to the Native Awareness - Dzogchen/Zen meditation techniques
* Ashtanga yoga (includes hatha yoga practice) can be diverse with Falun Dafa or Tai Chi
* Directed imagination practices for the movement of psychic heat, entire of cultivation of the credit chakras and pranic guts channels
* Dyadic, bipolar harmonization exercises (cosmic mudras)
* Visualizations of the psi bank/planet holon according to the document synchronic order
* All synchronic order practices entire of advanced trial practices such as the Eliminate of Pleasantness and the MOAP - Close relative of All Programs.
* Native products vegan/raw diet and fasting experiments
* Crop growing and ecological design
* Educational cultivation - safe, music, explicit constructs and design

For addition information see - Noosphere II, Cosmological Manufacturing Assignment - CA Action, 2005-2013 Centers for the Renovation, Seek and Letters of the Native Awareness, Galactic Search Humanity, Initiation for the Law of Percentage.

For addition information and not far off from involvement in the movement of any of these projects, or if you would want to grant land, methodology INFO@CREST13.ORG. Visit the politician CREST13 website: www.crest13.org

CREST13 YEPOMERA Assignment Note down