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Monday, 17 December 2012

New Launcher Backgrounds Sneak Peek Or Not

New Launcher Backgrounds Sneak Peek Or Not
Currently, the Wizard101 Launcher got revamped with NEW Aquilan close at hand situation and new qualities that we inhibit not even seen in Pirate101. Having the status of does this mean? Is this a impartial a ploy for go fast to get overjoyed about Pirate101? Or is a new world coming? Is this a tip off that we inner self see Aquila in Wizard101? But really? Aquila? Having the status of about Empyrea? That sounds even condescending reachable.

The situation benchmark arrogant is from the Wizard101 Experimentation Land-dwelling launcher. This definitely shows that everything new is coming our way!

The Image Covering beneath is on the hotel Wizard101 Complete Launcher.

Undeniable of the journalism are gods from Pirate101.



"ATHENA - Divine being OF Insightfulness"

"HADES - GOD OF Passing away"

As a result new journalism we inhibit not even seen in Pirate101

This one is my first choice qualities. He looks AWESOME!Someone remarked that he could be Neptune, the god of sea. Quaint idea!

We do inhibit male centaurs in Pirate101, but not female. This is prosperity interesting!

So I'm doctrine that it is conceivably a new story line or world we inner self see. I grain that the storyline press inner self be condescending about the gods in Empyrea, which conceivably inner self be an story line of Aquila. I really do not purloin that Wizard101 would bring out Aquila in Wizard101 especially at the same time as Pirate101 had such a Considerable Aquilan world liberated beforehand. But Empyrea, conceivably. I impartial wonder if it's succinct standpoint world close at hand Wysteria or a sizeable existing world close at hand Azteca. That's the argument isn't it? Azteca was liberated 6 months ago. I got a perception that it's leave-taking to be a succinct standpoint world.

I bet Morganthe requests to pilfer everything special of the Greek Gods to be potent to be condescending powerful. Like Johnny expected, she level requirements her Outer space Choral group. So of course they get mad and summon us for help. I mean it's doomed.. I mean SHE is doomed. But thus, I wonder she's as well as working with Ares and Hades? Ares loves contention and wars in the function of Hades is the god of death and set of laws Tartarus which is the place anywhere the greek dead to pass on to. We're wizards so we are potent to perception with the magic of the gods than pirates can. It makes reflect if we are the ones who can come square popular their phantom and go to special places that Pirates cannot.

But thus it could be with the sole purpose definite from the Morganthe storyline. We press see what the gods inhibit in store for us. Any unplanned, we got 10 condescending levels to go. So.. Afterward we hit 100 levels, inner self the gods endow us everything new close at hand new spells, new badges, new honor? That's actually completely giddy to reverie about! That would be an frightening way to person person Be equal with 100!

And someone mentioned Atlantis person as well as unusual world in increase to Empyrea which makes reflect. In the wake of all the Sea Athlete qualities looks close at hand a sea creature. So are we expecting TWO new worlds close at hand with Pirate101?

My Foretelling is a typography new world called Empyrea which inner self be a part of Aquila.

Having the status of do you think?

"PS:" Don't neglect to check out Cret92 aka Insistent Morgrim's genius on #P101 Gods/Goddesses. It's a terrible estimate for the new launcher backgrounds.