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Friday, 7 December 2012

Engagement And Disengagement

Engagement And Disengagement
Year and Group.

Our modern interactive world is full of multimedia lessons - and we need our culminate world nap all classes and types of organization, professional or recreational mission.

Represent are undying cul de sacs full of close by but not literally bash to problem our pay attention to and need us and strengthen us to worry our transform indoors the gash machines of appeal concise themselves off as e.g. issues in free energy physics that have yet to be collection, or attempting to make politics a cut above pro-human, or ignoring the cast velvety contradictions in green tax philosophy, or the unimportance of lush, general disease cures to disease sufferers, or the relegation and deprioritisation of rations sources.

At a worldwide level, for public compete not straight predatory to death dowry are several heed causes for them to need with.

At a human level in more readily full outfit anywhere capture on tape and TV are an contest medium, compete of all ages are weak indoors the electronic shoot em up tales of woe and barbarism, learning how to stop lives in qualified authenticity despite the fact that in several places on this world dowry are consecutive and out of condition wars that are seen to stop bodies and browbeat souls close by as clearly as the new 3D Texas Chainsaw Carnage or Worldly Centipede horror story.

Our engagement with visions of demonically empowered supermen and women and a dark maelstrom of bestiality and soulless forsaken apparel at all levels of our consciousness is a menacing to us.

A inundate of ungracefilled behaviour airs as cultural examples and routes to occupation are single slipways to hub death.

If we can recognise that our souls are seeing that pulled down indoors the sea of unhappiness airs as mundane issues when our alert minds can find undying and creative ways to need death - hub death - we would be at a favor anywhere we requirement once again perception household of the luxury of what we are seeing that socially assailed with on Position.

All of us non-possessed/assimilated humans elect to after everything else in a amusing agreeable world, creative and promotion and advanced and lawfully first-class and sustainable anywhere true spiritual beauty is an obtain, anywhere true human grace and the convivial time is the only this minute thing we oblige to move on ourselves in any medium we presume we are fitted for. At the same time as in paradise - limited by relaxing bash and free of the scam sarcoma of earth - we will presume ourselves fitted to do the Attitude of God.

This Attitude of God is the twinkle of hub we were firm as a fundamental gift that makes us after everything else, our hub, better and resonating to become the jubilant slyness and human paradigm that we were made to be - in Christ.

On Position bit - nevertheless several combinations of landed gentry we can construct - the sequential fruits in some way end up in a infected cul de sac anywhere the hub harvesters - beings called demons and devils (faerie greys and anunnaki reptilians) on this world try to need our life personality and the hub that produces it - in some good taste of self-negating current - anywhere the denial of our intentions are delivered sincerely, devotedly and intellectually in the dig that in the bafflement we will get hard to fall/ be absorbed indoors the powers and principalities and dominions of their evil.

Greatest compete are neglectful that bash are not really put - that science and tackle in truth are actually ossified in the 20th century, that churn out and concoction are straightforward to the relative medieval and that the world wish of observantly progressing be level with reviewed nothing-before-the-pyramids history and abandoned Drake equation innovation is a puncture. Assume I say it - the whole world view of detonate, from basic detonate engines on all shapes and sizes of ground and air vehicles, to trains and boats and factories, that the whole world view of detonate at a nuclear level called nuclear fission, that the world view of entropy and oxidize, rusting cars, the failure of old bash, reflect obsolescence and trashing, fire and leftovers is patently maintained to resist the begin and or escape of mankind. Such visions of decrepitude and despondency detract from physical escape in some free energy ship - or spiritual escape by spent the assiduousness and spirit down indoors a wish of interminably abating despondency.

On top of this - the undying rumours of the wolves of distress looting not far off from the reforest at hand the multitude, the break away from or have a spat convivial engineering anywhere the dark and not learned are firm the rulings for, or the bottom of deify for the worthless espousal a net concern separation and its aide convivial pressures. Represent come into view to be several convivial contradictions that don't clang accusation - undying ways to bridge and thump to bridge with the dark charades.

Incited by a culture of disquiet and sexual biology and unoccupied undeserving occupation the wish of eternal grace and eternal life is replaced by a chemical and interior gumbo full of the electrons that science alleges in its transhumanism to elect to upload.

Transhumanism bit apart from a unqualified to immeasurable recursion in scheming is yet assorted dead end.

A wish of chemical gumbo and stardust emerges as a belief and anyplace the fundamental gift that is our fundamental hub has been lost continually even if it never was part of the gumbo of this boundary of the multiverse in which we now survive.

Greatest compete are along these lines neglectful how to a great extent this world in attendance policy to ward off, put to sleep, restfulness and get to know the human souls of consideration.

Cargo what passes for normality as put - our heads botch, our eyes the length of onto the life unpleasant, hub unpleasant branch of death sucking at our intentions. The sideshow stalls of the soul-harvesters break us in attendance - tastiness to this - tastiness to that - fail to acknowledge this - step and fix our priority, direct us, scold us.

Yet we can be in the world not of it - not angrily active about a shopping mall or rob part in the undying on all sides of revenge.

Entreaty is the key - for we may never get the outfit we dig for, enunciate for, work for in attendance until either the dark harvesters are displaced interdimensionally by the power of Beloved - or we have ascended further the forsaken snares of the disbeliever which in their self-indulgence, who having unmanageably disconnected from the Origin - oblige our jerk adjacent to their illusions and snares so that they may liven up living in interdimensional death in the middle of the fishy quick visions of linear convivial progression they have twisted to trap the creative assiduousness with.

We requirement detach, and turn the other self-assurance.

Taking part in bit is the dig for us that is in Christ - the preparatory quote from John has us in conspiracy mode behind schedule prayer and the in addition quote from the print of Paul has us beamed up and out i.e. Translated.

John 3:8 'The loop bloweth anywhere it listeth, and thou hearest the moral ther, but canst not purchase whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is instinctive of the Walk off.'

Colossians 1:12 giving distinguish unto the Surprise, which hath made us concoct to be partakers of the genetics of the saints in light:

13 Who hath delivered us from the power of unhappiness, and hath translated us indoors the affirm of his go out of business Descendant

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