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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Review The Aboriginal Goddess Chakra Cards

Review The Aboriginal Goddess Chakra Cards
The Home-grown Divine being Chakra Cards

Author: Melinda Gloom

Artist: Melinda Gloom



ISBN: 0987172638

The "Home-grown Divine being Chakra Cards" are a set of 49 cards that are based on a mix of Australian Home-grown spirituality and broad spirituality. Gloom has diagrammatic from her own Home-grown spirituality, and blended this with deities from a stretch of other cultures, overlaid with the teachings of the seven chakras. Everybody chakra is concurrent with a definite color, Chakra Cherub or Faery, and a God and Divine being. Four chakra cards are in addition included in the deck.

The cards come in a marvelous soggy buckskin appropriate, and are accompanied by an instructional handbook (the surpass of the handbook carries the image of the quotation on the Undeveloped Chakra Divine being card, the identical image that is on the card backs). The card rank is certain 3 1/8" by 4 1/4 ", the backs are not reversible.

The card fronts introduce a colored schism on the correct and left hand sides, coded to the chakra they presage. The philosophy to the cards is black, with the card name diagonally the build of the card, in the color of the chakra that it is concurrent with. The art gloss makes good use of color, shows marvelous speed, and perfect use of a circle/beaded effect. The cards are a high to work with! The simply thing that I found intense was tricky to read the lavender journalism for the Conference Chakra cards in opposition to the black philosophy.

The Lob Undergo shows a black and white scan for each card, scheduled with an observations of the card. The seven chakras and their concurrent colors are the Summit Chakra (Ineffective), the Conference (Third Eye) Chakra (Mauve), the Esophagus Chakra (Sad), the Thrust Chakra (Undeveloped), the Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow), the Sacral Chakra (Orange), and the Set off Chakra (Red).

Two methods for reading the cards are feature in the Handbook - chart one card from the deck for control, and chart three cards from the deck for control. The three card conduct makes use of the past/present/future format. An out of the ordinary conversion on this is chart three cards for the subsequently, four cards for the extend, and five cards for the approach, placing them in a pyramid format. Readers are pressed to go with their own interpretation of the cards.

"Friendly Encouragement" is from the Summit Chakra cards. Present a female quotation faces a tree wrinkled with white foam. Sounds unimportant, but the effect is magical! Of course, it represents that "Aha!" moment in life, in the function of everything pour together! You are while feature revelations about yourself that moral fiber run time to understand.

"Merlin" is a Conference Chakra card. (I do so love Merlin!) Merlin has the muscle to understand physics, and the wisdom to combine this with the practice of magic to start the ball rolling a world of source of pleasure and opening. Don't be terrified to run rate in your life.

"Inside Rightness" is a Esophagus Chakra card. It represents your muscle to understand yourself on a grim, instinctual level. It is your muscle to long-awaited that which you really do not understand. Sometimes we handhold to say no, so that others moral fiber handhold the experiences that they obligation to handhold.

"The Undeveloped Chakra Divine being" is a Thrust Chakra card. She teaches us level, love, and force. She maintains a very sheltered specialization with foundation.

"Crispness" is a Solar Plexus card. It is the inspire of the spirit. We become persons downhill our muscle to tightly ourselves downhill our artistic quality. Regard the challenges in your time. This card in addition indicates a time of prosperity, monetarily and angrily.

"Self-sufficient Foundation" is a Sacral Chakra card. Womanhood and ego - hook-on things! We obligation to join our experiences with each other, in order to get the greatest out of this all-time. Operation type time with the civilization in your life.

"Intrepid Scheme" is a hunt chakra card. This is the muscle to dig grim and grace with your presence to our own inner wisdom. Confidence that wisdom, and act on it.

Much deities that you moral fiber occurrence in these cards control Cerridwen, Buddha, Peer of the realm of the Lake, Maat, Horus, Aphrodite, Eros, Pele, Thor, Rhiannon, Baldr, Freya, and Pan.

I found these cards to be well perception out, and well vacant. A very good tool of empowerment!

(c) June 2012 Bonnie Cehovet