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Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Spell For Travelers

A Spell For Travelers

Longing Seer Imprisonment Mascot

This spell and amulet offers the wearer regular protection and precision of outlook to see make an effort and think it back to the sender otherwise it reaches you.


< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>A hematite crystal

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Hemp twist(s)

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Pendant pick up (such as can be found in digression shops for making jewelry

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Hot pierce and pierce gun


Hematite (Reveal Stone)

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Absorbing and groundwork harmful energy, Shimmering evil, healing, and balances energy flow

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Element: Rest

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Planet: Saturn

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Planet Day: Saturday

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Gender: Feminine

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Planetary Hours: 06:28-07:38, 14:37-15:48, 22:17-23:04, 03:52-04:41

Hemp (Cannabis Sativa)

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Healing, Beloved, Visions, Deliberation, Second-sighted Resources, and Forecast

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Element: Water

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Planet: Saturn

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Planet Day: Saturday

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Gender: Feminine

< ![if !supportLists]> < ![endif]>Planetary Hours: 06:28-07:38, 14:37-15:48, 22:17-23:04, 03:52-04:41

Casting the Pile into

< ![if !supportLists]>1. < ![endif]>Using the hot pierce gun, concern the pendant pick up to the hematite crystal.

< ![if !supportLists]>2. < ![endif]>Run or by discover the hemp twist to or together with the pick up.

< ![if !supportLists]>a. < ![endif]>If using senior than one color twist, you completed braid the cords. Be undoubtedly to tie off the ends by, the braids apparition crack.

< ![if !supportLists]>3. < ![endif]>Place the amulet within a magick circle, and or upon a pentacle in order to charge the amulet. You may commencement the feeling for a time to charge or develop straightaway to the mechanics of casting in the subsequent ladder.

< ![if !supportLists]>4. < ![endif]>Perform the spell on a Saturday, noticeably all the way through a new moon or past it lunar quarter--ideally; the moon obligation be in Capricorn (as it should be for the Saturn equality.) If you necessity select, so select lunar phase wrecked day. Display your working all the way through the hours of 06:28-07:38, 14:37-15:48, 22:17-23:04, or 03:52-04:41. Recite the subsequent incantation three times:

Of Numerological Interest:

The triggering chant of the spell contains 111 words, which numerologically adds up to 3. In addition, grant are 21 military protection in the chant, which else adds up to 3.