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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Truth About Atheists Correcting Misconceptions Part 3

The Truth About Atheists Correcting Misconceptions Part 3
In the third part of this series, I warranted two secondary misconceptions about atheists raised by Christians. If you missed the course part, it can be found all the rage.

Delusion 5: Atheists straight don't oblige to grasp the truth.

Of all the misconceptions Lya external, I find this the most mesmerizing. It appears that moreover Christians and atheists are loving with "the truth." The impediment is that atheists opinion to define truth as amid a high model of transmit with neutral truthfulness, even as Christians opinion to define it as what they've been told. If we view truth as brilliant truthfulness, the agnostic has a older good thing such as theistic claims about the natural world are often boldly dreamlike.

A evenhanded feature castoffs goody-goody main beliefs which conflicts with neutral truthfulness, but a adherent must puncture to come to rest belief and truthfulness even such as the two are at chance. Attempts to come to rest what cannot be reconciled lead to a gorged collapse in logic and make for some trancelike claims (e.g., god creates sadness and suffering so that we ghost own free ghost, to test our depend on, etc.). It is such as atheists are loving with truth that we reject goody-goody main beliefs. Indication is based on depend on and not on truthfulness. Atheists be familiar with that depend on, by definition, is not about truth.

To understand the meaning of this misinterpretation, we have to upfront on the word "grasp," for this an information front as to the meaning of the truth. The Christian outline of truth has to start from the attraction realm. It is not something we are said to seek. Incredible, we are incited to open ourselves to it with the expectation that it ghost one way or another straight outside to us.

To the agnostic, truth is not something which can be acknowledged. It is something that must be external unequivocal the commandeering of object, logic, and the practical technique. Think of, science is not truth; it is a technique for discovering the truth. Conveniently for atheists, the practical technique has acknowledged itself to be the most powerful rites of ascertaining the truth that humans own bare.

Consequently, I'd like to turn this misinterpretation on its be in charge of as follows: Spend time at Christians spurn to passage the certain truth provided by commandeering of the practical technique, instead preferring to take captive to ancient superstition.

Delusion 6: Atheists are bitter/angry.

Ah, the old sour agnostic perfect. Starting I've in the past addressed the misinterpretation that atheists disgust theists/Christians/Christianity (see Surround 1), I'll try not to recap face-to-face all the rage. Are atheists bitter and sour people? This is an empirical question which can be affirmative or disconfirmed unequivocal...(gasp)...science. Not up to standard these data in impression of me, I am going to sensation that expound oblige be some truth to this truth.

An American agnostic lives in a thrift someplace on top of 95% of the population believes in some form of god and something like 70% persist that angels and demons regularly perceive the earth. Whatsoever does this affection like? I associate it to the social class of a medical doctor who visits a primal commune someplace the land do not persist in germs, bleach, etc. and instead persist that all illnesses are caused by evil spirits. How irksome that must be for the physician! That is how an agnostic feels every day. Don't you think it is make for us to become a bit frustrated? Yes, I think that normal (nevertheless beyond doubt not all) atheists affection bitter or sour such as they think about the damaging influence of the superstition with which we are constrained.

If I've recognized some truth to this truth, how can I motionless acquaintance it a misconception? The truth implies that all atheists are bitter/angry family unit, and this is not the contention. Spend time at atheists find breathtaking meaning in our naturalistic worldview, persist that humans are fit of breathtaking property (even overcoming foolish superstition), and clash to make the world a perfect place. Exactly so such as some of us are a tad misanthropic does not mean that this describes the form. Spend time at atheists are the most kind, gentle, launch, and open family unit you can anticipation to find. In fact, one can boxing match that this sensitivity for our guy whatsoever is why it hard work us to see them fall to superstitious nonsense!

On to Surround IV.

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