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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Archan Ma Ha Ta Na Mae Per

Archan Ma Ha Ta Na Mae Per
love charm amulet by Archan Maha Tana.

This mae per is the best for attraction towards the stake sex, enchanting a fan back or protection a fan constant to you.

The scorpion belated is for attracting numerous battle to you and trapping a fan. Materials:1) 7 resting place disembark from 7 make equal countries

2) 7 magnitude disembark

3) 7 types of nam man prai oil copy from dead insect who die with their minuscule in the personnel.

4) Ash of insect who die on Tuesday and cremated on Saturday

5) 3 black scorpions powder.

6) Makeup he copy from Cambodia.

7) Unconventional numerous holy powder and herbs.

8) Centipede and loop powder.

inserting ash and nam man prai to brilliance the power of the amulets and the spirit wish not harm the landowner and sooner wish help them earlier constitute their goals and wishes.

Archan had been Mediated to the spirits in the cemetry to put somewhere else praiseworthiness to them in order for them to help the landowner to do good manners.

The function of making this mae per amulet cover up 7 blessing and ritual.

Behind schedule which, he proceeded to the cemetry to blessed the amulet and acquaint with with the mae per spirit. In gain he went to chant for the amulets at the cemetry for 7 days.

katha:OHMPA LA WA,I TI REI RUN,HAN TA YO NEE,SA WA HA.18X at night,7 josstick,2 cook egg,1 jug rice wine.allot all the above to the ee per.chanting.ask mae per come to eat.run awhile for the joss sticks to undamaged,stand mae per up kiss it and make a wish

mae, : 1) 77 2) 7 3) namprai7 4) 5) 3 6) 7) 8) namprai Archancemetry mae7,cemetrymae cemetry 7 katha :, 7 josstick, 2, 1 ee mae,,