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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Camphor Moon Spell

Camphor Moon Spell
Camphor is under the control of the moon. The lunar palace of Lady Chang'O is superficially crafted from cinnamon forest, however apiece true cinnamon and camphor undergo from grass of the "Cinnamonium "family. Possibly the Moon Lady's palace was built from camphor forest.

Since of this link, camphor can send some of the moon's protective and luck skill powers. Here's how:

* Carefulness forced water with lunar energies by filling a white, blue, or silver container with coarse forced water and as a result leave-taking it in a windowsill or outdoors on a full moon night.
* The launch day, disappear a camphor square concerning the lunar-charged forced water.
* Use this water to fresh perfectly magical tools so that they may be recycled to be suitable for your requirements and be imbued with the power of the moon.

NOTE: Be orderly, camphor can too be venomous.

Source: The Play a part Listing of 5000 Spells