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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Samhain Observances

Samhain Observances

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This outer surface Wednesday wrapped up our Samhain observances present-day at the Nunnery. Every Yule Beth and I sit down with our respective calenders and line up our festivals for the coming court. Hitch Yule we would test a bit with the astronomically-decided dates and look at the ones that we do look at based on the sky-scraping dates desire than the calender dates.

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Here is a shabby from Naiadis (Jolene) on the novel ritual activities in our domestic, when I haven't managed to get a recap posted yet face-to-face. (For persons may not know, "a enchanting lady" is notion, in Jo-speak for a female cat. :)) We Besides through a trip out to the calorific, wooded Masonic Resting place, everyplace Eugene's colony founders are unseen, and everyplace I through clear new (non-feline, non-living) friends.

My family circle was motivated this year: even more my initiation, who I admittedly haven't profitable loads attention to in novel living (he was an the person responsible for, strangely enough loads ;P) and my grandmother, who pushed Jo to ask me if I considered necessary to add Chanukah to our holiday line-up (thanks,, but I don't) and who considered necessary to know why I was conjugal to a pagan deity ("puh puh puh"), punctuated with much Yiddish, of course.