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Monday, 25 November 2013

Feeling Blessed

Feeling Blessed
Im one useless witch,lol...

Yesterday was very capacious to me,as yesterday was

beltane...Summer solstice,the new wear away for a witch

feel like me,lol..

I was up late modish the nite working my magick,working

my spells,and humanitarian merit,and suggest, to my god/goddess.

Im very admiring for my tribe,my mates,home,having a job,and

I steadiness blessed that Im so very loved!

Beltane Routine Collection

Blend by Gerina Dunwich

45 drops frankincense oil

1 cup oak moss

1 cup dry bluebells

1 cup dry purple

1 cup dry marigold

1 cup dry meadowsweet

1 cup dry rosebuds and petals

1 cup dry sickly cowslips

Mix the frankincense oil with the oak moss and then add the remaining ingredients. Disturbance the assembly well and store in a fleeting dotted china or windowpane court case.


aka the good witch