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Monday, 22 September 2014

146 Bc Ground Zero For All Western Magic

146 Bc Ground Zero For All Western Magic
At hand is an absorbing post on the history of Western Numinous and philosophy as reported in the blog - RUNE SOUP:

"...Past to 146 BC, portray were a come out of options at any time it came to choosing the enormous metropolitan you would break in if you were a prudent, spiritual huntsman, magician, etc. This belief was based on factors such as where you were from, what languages you spar, etc. This was a to be more precise big howl, such as portray wasn't all that greatly in the way of proposal of ideas with 146 BC. There was a lingering dispersion of them, some. But not a committed society.

Formerly 146 BC portray was innocently one worthy. Everyone came to Rome. Everyone. There were druids in Rome.

Past to this, portray was very squat proposal of ideas nearly the world. So, for representation, Chaldean astrologers had no make a way into to Welsh bards. The works of Greek philosophers hadn't really move on farther than Greece's borders. (They were significant, but they were not mysterious.)

Spiritual knowledge was localised... Tribal, essentially.

But now, ideas may well get from one enclose of Rome's territories to new-fangled in two weeks. There were now innocently two officer languages. Greek and Latin. The druid may well recently present to the clairvoyant."...(Cont.)...

Credit: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com