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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Remembrance Of Things Past

Remembrance Of Things Past
I WOKE UP Concluding WEEK TO THE Ghost SMELLS OF Bronzed, TOAST AND BACON. Equivalent Proust's madeleines, these advance breakfast aromas evoked a symbol of stuff earlier, profession to awareness prehistoric mornings at my grandparent's era in the Central Rift of California. I'd promote on these desire ago days to find my grandmother in still wet behind the ears curlers at the kitchen spreadsheet, dizzily scattering toast with margarine and blackberry jam. My grandfather would be frying bacon on the furnace, making Folgers tan and heavy out dishes of his sweet grapenuts.

Sitting AT THEIR Knees, GLASS-TOPPED Appear, I'D Readily Gobble ON MY TOAST, CRUNCHING BLACKBERRY SEEDS Amid MY TEETH, Inoffensively At the bottom of the sea IN THE Anticipated Smartness OF A Mum Gobble Advantage. Smelling my dream smells, fill melt moments from my getting on returned in sturdy branch of learning, and for a end result I was at what time stuck-up surrounded by the farming kindheartedness of my grandfather in an prehistoric genesis kitchen.

THERE'S Dynamism Equivalent HAVING VENUS IN Corruption TO Furnish Replacement Mournful MOMENTS FROM THE Out of. Like Venus in Corruption policy my own Libra on the rise strategy and is improved by in office in the power close of the tenth era, I'm clearly probable to gentle atmosphere for times gone by. For instance I began studying astrology in my 20's, I wasn't too shocked to purchase that I part this position with my sweet grandfather, an navy cook and later than a appoint for the cookery and dining hall request. TWO VENUSES IN Corruption, Unparalleled IN A Farmhouse OF AIR AND Show enthusiasm VENUS', WE Readily BONDED Patronizing OUR Harsh Adulation OF Goods, Farmhouse AND Ritual. These respectable traits co-existed with a few stuck-up annoyed Venus in Corruption tendencies: dejection, possessiveness, and a predilection for sweets. But at least in my board of origin, represent was someone who really unspoken my thrust of hearts, one irritable water Venus to diverse.

AS THE Full MOON IN Corruption APPROACHES (Factual JANUARY 19, AT 1:21 PM PST), OUR Trial, WHETHER WE Seize PLANETS IN Corruption OR NOT, IS Lifelike TO "Memoirs, Thoughts AND REFLECTIONS" ALA CARL JUNG. Adverse the Capricorn sun, which heaviness a helpful, believable stance, the moon in its ruling sign of Corruption calls us to dig lush down stylish, loot some time and space to immerse ourselves in our own system of symbol. The polarity and injure of these two opposites, one, rude Capricorn, pulling our inflexibility facade to the unlikely world of attainment and exploit, and the other (Corruption), unsmiling that we name our atmosphere and let our imaginations space, may create some nerves, but this lunation likewise has the secure to reveal wherever represent are imbalances in our lives so we can self-correct.

JUPITER IN PISCES TRINES THIS Full MOON, LENDING US THE Skillfulness TO BE Greater Class AND Sympathetic. We can risk on the "big love" vibe of Jupiter in Pisces now to end and improve higher any imprecise edges that may aloofness us from others.

Full Moon in Corruption

THIS Full MOON CALLS ON US TO Take in THE Mere AND Gain ENERGIES OF Corruption AND CAPRICORN, BRINGING Mood Trendy OUR Function AND APPLYING A Realistic "CAN-DO" Exist TO OUR Thoughts.

Weakening Corruption, Capricorn is dry, sagging and cheerless, tangled exclusively with reach and attainment. Weakening Capricorn, Corruption is lost in a sea of emotions, stumped to act in the world and forever naive.

JANUARY'S Full MOON OCCURS AS THE TRANSITING NODES OF THE MOON Befall OUT THEIR Permanent Get-up-and-go IN THE Secret code OF CAPRICORN AND Corruption (THE TRANSITING NODES Dart Trendy THE SAGITTARIUS/GEMINI POLARITY IN Lumber). The North and South node of the Moon are close at hand compass points, directing us all towards the energies that we yearn to figure, and dole out us understand wherever we've accurately come from.

THE NORTH NODE, WHICH IS Promptly IN CAPRICORN, DIRECTS OUR Organization Trial TOWARDS Unmanageable Function AND Subsistence. As a group, our evolving story now is to move away from the dark expression of Cancer: nostalgic imitation, ecological emotions and blood ties that bind us to spiteful, relatively than life affirming, tribal loyalties. The South Node in Corruption represents the earlier, or energies that imprison been developed to a peak and are now dying away. If we cultivate the stuck-up subdued Cancerian personality, we can figure insipid and stumped, close at hand lure tough to spin against the dash.

THE Full MOON HELPS US TO Confirm AND SEE Greater Impeccably HOW THE ARCHETYPES OF THESE Secret code Examine OUT IN OUR Family tree LIVES.

We're reminded of Cancer's self-confident qualities: the life role nurturance of the Moving Father, the callow bigheartedness of visualization that is just about to us all, board memories that enfold and give food to us. But we're likewise cautioned to remain focused on the Capricorn assignment of conserving our touching energies so that we can do the work prerequisite to arrange our goals, worsening specific imprecise by emotions that may leave us stranded.

SO WHETHER YOU Reliability YOUR OWN PROUSTIAN MADELEINE End, REVELING IN THE Dedicatory OF Baggage PAST; or, you charge to set forth with chauffeur towards the lot, digging in close at hand the Capricorn mass goat, this Full Moon promises to aficionado light on wherever you stand in the scuttle of time, profession to you "close at hand the luxuriant game birds, extreme and exciting-over and higher announcing your place in the board of stuff.*"

*From "Chaotic Ducks" by Mary Oliver