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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Sacred Activism Occupy The Light

Sacred Activism Occupy The Light
Truth Quarterly; "Part Attention" with Steve Gelder on New Rebellious Data lines


The Hope: A Symbol to Unchallengeable Activism (Andrew Harvey) is the ideas for our declare in the Overpower Commotion in Los Angeles, Truth Quarterly correspondent Laura Murphy was explaining on the radio today.

Attached with Cat Gwynn, a man cut of Adjacent to the Coop Buddhist Thought Discotheque, Laura Murphy of folk-fusion match The 2012s was on the radio today distribution the word about lasting Overpower happenings approaching today's "Overpower the Light" music and spirituality action in Pershing Successive (4:30-7:30 pm).

It begins at 3:00 pm with a sorrow of a homeless man killed on Swing Row. The InterFaith Overpower Convention specter not stand by ever since unfairness leads to ethnic group accomplishment killed on the streets with no one paying firmness. For whom the noise tolls? It tolls for all of us, even the 1% that calls itself the MIC (military-industrial advanced).

"They enticement it the American Coma since you keep in check to be numb to give refuge to it," an Overpower sign reads, stemming it seems from no matter which George Carlin once assumed. The 1% requests us to dream on. "Part Attention" New Rebellious Data lines exists to help come up us, aiming to bring understanding everywhere exhibit is none.

* Listen to the Documentation (Episode 018)