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Monday, 22 September 2014

Hermeticism Spell Ingredients For Psalm Magic 17Th Century Style

Hermeticism Spell Ingredients For Psalm Magic 17Th Century Style
In their well-known work, The Baby book of Gold ingots ( Livre d'Or) the authors David Rankine and Paul Press Barron provides the reader with a specific 17th century French magical work comprising quite a few amulets, charms, prayers, spells and sigils for working with the Biblical Baby book of the Psalms of King David. In print in a simple prototype akin to a medieval Baby book of Secrets combined with magical practices from the ancient world, Le Livre d'Or brings together practices which sway their line in repugnant works from the Inert Sea Scrolls and the Cairo Genizah, to the Greek Ability Papyri and Sepher Shimmush Tehillim (Ability Use of the Psalms). Now translated all the rage English for the young time, this profuse journalism demonstrates the significance of the Psalms as a unifying and primary bend about the come into view of Western magic.

The same as follows is an jerk from the introduction of this perceptively practical work, in which the authors talk about message some of the ways in which the spells in the book use clear substances - which illustrates the fog and practical essence, what's more in a ancient history context and of course, for the modern practitioner questioning in putting these spells and charms to work today:

"Of the 179 charms inherent in this work, a wide open scope of materials were used as the main of the charm. Detail and unchanged substances such as vellum and parchment predominate (61), with a high quantity of cup dishes (8) and food preparation pots (4) in the function of the nearby top figure fashionable. Whichever of these latter items hark back to the use of such items in ancient spells."

"Tap down things overpower the list of consecrating ingredients, exactly so water (30) and types of oil (22), as well as perfumed substances such as aloe timber (8) and mastic (15). The darker essence of some of the charms is any seen in the scope of types of blood used, program all of the classic animal bloods partner with the grimoires, such as white cockerel, black hen, bat, dove and goat. Interestingly hand over is any a charm which makes use of menstrual blood, which has broadly been seen as a forbidden things."

"The font used with many of the Psalms are as eclectic as the charms, in the function of haggard from magical alphabets enjoy Malachim Letters and a potion of hermetic and alchemical sigils."

"The same as is serious about the uses in this uncommon work is that they emphasise establishing tune and defeat in the certain world, and in actual fact exclude the spiritual. The practices call to mind us of the thirst for magick to taste effective jaunt to be helpful, and show the way take action so later almost certainly opening the practitioner up to a manager opinion. "

David Rankine and Paul Press Barron, in The Baby book of Gold ingots (Avalonia, 2009)