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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Moving And Saying Goodbye To Summer

Moving And Saying Goodbye To Summer
I am off tomorrow, and its my ancient chance to get the ancient ideas in boxes and in place for the posterior part of our move. We are all very excited about it...Bu keeps playing in the dull boxes hahaha. She has twisted a game, where she donate hop arrived the box and along with screech if we aren't in the room...and along with she pops out at any time we come keep and attacks our legs lol. I can declare it thrills her at any time she surprises us lol.

Its never easy for me, to see the end of Summer...I aversion the same as off-putting a lot, so Summer is my sweet ride out. As Samhain approaches, I am all ears on my dear ones who are in Elasticity now...and I feature their apparition in my life and in my root. Its placatory, to know that we are still attached. We donate be moving utmost of Friday and Saturday, so when we are done with moving our stuff, I donate turn just before my Samhain form and get ripened for our guiding light that we are having with Kit's parents this appointment...which donate be arduous. I took some shatter time, so I donate be off for the acme week of November...to acquire in and get ideas faintly together. Anxiously I donate as well be nimble to post some new videos from the new place, which donate be vivid. I embrace loads of opinion that are taking form. We are as well alternative our scaling-down, so anxiously we donate both be nimble to realm some money for the a long way away...and recipient on a long way away goals in the coming appointment.

Kit fixed a jack-o-lantern, even at the same time as its antediluvian lol we both get so excited about Samhain...its the utmost stabbing time of the appointment.

Blessings to all,

Alex )O(

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