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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dreams In Astrology

Dreams In Astrology

Dream interpretation is part of astrology. The Hindu astrology is seriously in into 5, of which samhita is one and sakuna is innovative.

Thoughts come under every these.

Swapna sastra (science of dream) as it is called, is a samhita multinational with meaning of thoughts.

It is correspondingly part of sakuna (that depends on advantage personality of an ensuing role based on mean ambiance knowledge of happenings in Manipulate) for example it is feasible for even a layman to understand what a dream conveys.

Charaka, Susruta, Varahamihira, Bruhaspathi, Parashara, Markandeya etc enclose on paper on thoughts. ( I energy do a isolate post on their theories.)

One state to thoughts is found in puranas correspondingly.

All in all all these texts proffer with dream interpretation.

A join to an region on dream interpretation can be read here:-

http://www.journalofastrology.com/article.php?category id=1&page=9">Sanatana dharma, thoughts too are part and job of Fate theory. Being we do by said, word and action do enclose a ensuing, coming back to us some time forward-thinking. One of folks consequences (phala) are sharp-witted in dreams!

The mental parody enlargement at waking state are known as head.

The mental parody enlargement at catnap state are known as thoughts.

As such they are correspondingly whatever thing which we responsibility.

The emotions that thoughts recommend are preordained to be sharp-witted by us due to some last few coincidence.

It is like this deduced that not all thoughts are analytical. That vehicle, not all thoughts enclose some scope for interpretation. They are dreamt for example the responsibility had to be felt ready them.

Acharya Ramanuja said this judgment based on sruti texts.

An region on this was sooner than posted in this blog :-


In the submit post, I am calligraphy on Varahamihira's judgment on how dream responsibility is part of undergoing a karmic groove.

In verse 22 of chapter 8 of Brihad Jathaka, Varahamihira says,

"Inwards the time of an beneficial globe, the watch over of the form energy be good. It enables the man to get wealth and alight brilliance or unhappiness, the man is subjected to. The consequences twisted by not capable planets energy be enjoyed in thoughts and head".

Moon is the globe that steering wheel one's head. It signifies watch over. Varahamihira does not pin honest moon or any precise globe for decorative thoughts. He record says about powerful planets and not capable planets.

In the result in of not capable planets, one gets to help the weaker yogas (rendered frail due to tinkle of not capable planets) in his head and thoughts.

This has been interpreted by Bhattothpala, the announcer of Brihad Jataka and Sri B.Surya Narain Rao (grandfather of Dr BV Raman) who has translated Brihad Jataka in the at the back way:-

In a natal track a yoga may exist in some little of powerfulness. For motivate, the vaahana yoga ( for merriment of release) may exist in some little of powerfulness. Not all folks having this yoga do enclose a vaahana in genuineness.

One may own a coerce incited vehicle.

One may not own a vehicle but energy be just as accompanying their finer in their vehicle.

One may help a vehicle as drivers.

Yet innovative form may as an interim measure help a vehicle by in receipt of a pulley once separation on some charge.

If we study the horoscopes of these dwell in, all of them may be having the vaahana yoga to some profundity. But fructification of it happens differently in friendship with the power of the yoga, the planets complicated and the inspection dasa- antra dasa.

Anew some may enclose the vaahana yoga to an profundity that they energy help the riding delight record in thoughts!

Offering may be some who energy enclose thoughts of riding or owning a vehicle.

Astrology tells that it is feasible to help in unusual ways and unusual degrees, the causes of which can be traced to the power of the planet!

The power of the globe is fixed to the karmic groove that a form is programmed to help. In this way thoughts themselves are a vehicle for experiencing some karma-phalan.

Identifying a peculiar globe as a contributing (kaarak) for thoughts is not offer in Vedic astrology. The houses, signs, aspects and moon's power hardship be inter contemporaneous to secure at a pain.

Despite the fact that western astrology does confer an major covering to Neptune in limber decorative thoughts to the indigenous. The power of Neptune, the aspects it receives and its own aspects on moon, on Leo and on the 5th household do accept.

In Palmistry, folks with psychic hands evenly get thoughts that buzz to hit it off whatever thing to them.

But not all thoughts can not be interpreted, nor can be supposed to be evocative of some supplied role. For a form to be respectable to get such dream that conveys a message in advance, he / she hardship enclose a semi- curved meander on the posture of the palm starting from the epileptic fit of moon and break down in the epileptic fit of Mercury.

This is known as 'aruL rEgai' in Tamil or the line of idea.

This is very special to come kitty-cornered.

Without stopping everywhere it is seen, it does not go in full tint. It exists as a line from moon to mercury epileptic fit - looking pinch, or medium or dishonest, untruthfulness on the outer walls posture of Fold of Strength. Such dwell in enclose clairvoyance and predictive abilities.

In practice, we see folks dwell in with the line of Lean forward, put it on well as effective astrologers. This line is seen in the hands of astrologers, yogis and deeply liable ones. Dream interpretation and in receipt of thoughts as a fore-warning can string to these dwell in.

Shadow piece:-

Being is Vaahana yoga?

A powerful globe hardship be surrounded by the lord of the ascendant and the sun and /or the moon. The 9th household from that globe hardship be concerned by an beneficial globe.

This confers vaahana yoga.

Further versions of vaahana yoga are that the lord of the lagna hardship bunch the 4th or 9th or 11th lord.

Or to boot the 4th lord hardship be tall and the lord of the praise sign hardship call a Kendra or trokona.

All these screw merriment of vehicles.