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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Religion Belief When Jesus Appears The Children Suffer

Religion Belief When Jesus Appears The Children Suffer
Jesus appeared to Baptist pastor Bawa Madaki and told him to go kidnap kids from neighboring cities and put them to work funding his ministry. Jesus also gave him the power to cure witchcraft attacks. Of course, the children are the witches and their parents the victims. Once pastor Madaki "cures" the parents, the children are declared witches and given to the pastor. Nice scam. It's God's work.

"I did not steal them for trafficking or any child labour, I was only doing the work God called me to do", he added."No, when God asks you to do something, child labor is A-OK.

"Speaking on the arrest, the NAPTIP boss, Mr. Simon Egede called on Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to develop a mechanism of monitoring their members whom he said in the guise of spiritual welfare of faithful engage in other criminal activities."I'm sure self-monitoring will help. Baptists, police yourself! It works so well here in the states, just as Christa Brown.

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