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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Anglican Eucharistic Theology

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[The following article was published by Dr. George Merkle in the
September 1994 issue of "Fidelitas," Bulletin of the Regina Coeli
Chapel of San Diego County, California.]

Neutrals or neuters are those who choose not to do battle.
Sometimes this is justifiable, but is it so in regard to the war
that is being fought for the Latin Church?

Certainly our adversaries would prefer that you join them in
this fight against tradition, but they know that if you would not
join in the fight, they will be content if you just sit it out.
Where do we find these neutrals, or just what is this process of

We have seen it in the Conciliar Church, where people who
seem to be do-gooders prefer to fight on the inside. They get up
petitions to bishops to have the traditional Mass said in
parishes, or they write letters to Rome to beg those authorities
to put pressure on the Modernist bishops to have the Latin rite.

I read that one individual spent about eight years doing
this in his diocese, only to be rebuffed each time. He finally
wrote a letter to Latin Mass magazine with the implication that
maybe Archbishop Lefebvre was really right.

The trouble with this type of action is that it really
accomplishes nothing. It also shows ignorance of what the
structure of the Catholic Church is. It is not a democracy. It
is a theocracy with the pope ruling as a monarch.

The ruling authorities know what they are doing. They have
been repressing traditional Catholicism for at least twenty
years, and they seem quite content to continue their present

Endless petition writing is not working. But what this
means is that the worker is neutralized, and it is better for the
Modernists that these people be kidded into thinking that they
are doing something positive. It would be terrible if they would
leave the ranks to support the terrible traditionalists who are
fighting them "tooth and nail."

There are others who stay in the parishes and seem to be
unhappy, but they continue little protests by kneeling instead of
standing for Communion or fighting to get in line to have
Communion from the priest instead of the lay minister. As you
see, many of these people are just ignorant of the battle that is
going on and are confused.

There are others who have left the fight, and they have fled
to the Eastern Rites such as the Byzantine or the Ukranian Rites.
They find everything peaceful there, and they seem content to
have given up the struggle. Well, what is wrong with this?

These people fail to see the big picture. The devil has
made the Latin Rite the object of his central attack. It is in
the Latin Church that the head of the Church resides. The Pope
is the Patriarch of the ancient Latin Rite. Destroy this church,
and you destroy the Church.

In this battle we need all the help that we can get, and
anyone who is neutralized is just another dead body as far as the
devil is concerned.

We have had several chapel members who have fled to Eastern
rites and after some time realized that this was not really
right. They have come back to the Latin Rite and continued the
fight despite all the work and sacrifice involved.

If you are one of our readers who is upset by this article,
I hope that you don't harbor me any ill will. Hopefully, you
will give this some thought, and with some prayers to our Lady
and our Lord, you will be lead back to your home and come to join
us in this spiritual combat for the Latin Church and for our Holy
Father, the Pope, who must be suffering very much. He needs all
the help that he can get.

In the end it might be the traditional Latin Rite Catholics
that will make the difference and even help save the Eastern
Rites, which will also be affected in the end.

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