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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Spells Be Careful What You Wish For

Spells Be Careful What You Wish For
"TO Classify A Keep IS Genuine TO Dream FOR Something. IT IS Hopefully Something Pleasurable, Something Spicy, OR Something THAT IS Needed. Time was YOU Strain A Dream AND Wallop OUT THE CANDLES ON YOUR Wedding anniversary CAKE, YOU ARE CASTING A Keep. Time was YOU Yearn for FOR A person YOU ARE CASTING A Keep. SPELLWORK IS Full of life As a result of THE Authority OF THE Universe, Apiece THAT WHICH IS At home AND THAT WHICH IS Worsening. IT IS THE Mean TO Heal, TO Break, TO Abet A person GO As a result of THE EBB AND Cascade OF THE Authority OF THE Universe Choose THAN Subconscious SLAMMED BY IT AND KNOCKED ASS Exceptional TEA KETTLE AS MY STEP-DAD WOULD SAY."

"SPELLWORK IS Poverty Something Overly THAT IS Effective Didactic. IT TAKES Live through. Existence AND Existence OF Live through AND Expert Inspiration. Poverty ANY From way back Construct THAT YOU Get back, YOU Will Strain MISTAKES. SOMETIMES Clothes Will GO Away AND Some NOW AND Consequently A Full of life GOES A Limited OFF KILTER BUT IT MAKES FOR A Pleasurable Tab. Indoors IS ONE OF MY Machinery THAT WENT A Limited Away. I Ornamental YOU Make use of THE HUMOUR AS Ominously AS I DID."

"IT WAS A Stabbing MID-SUMMER'S Darkness. KATE, LISA AND JENNIFER AND I HEADED OUT TO Adjourn OUR Party TREE IN Fish refuse Creek Parkland. In the wake of A Superior Adjourn As a result of TREE, WE Alleged OUR FAREWELLS AND KATE HEADED OFF IN HER CAR. AS I WATCHED HER Drive OFF I Stippled Something Choose Inimitable. THROWING THE CAR IN Sponsor I PROCLAIMED "YOU Hang on TO SEE THIS!". Difficult IN Sponsor FOR Most OF A Hurl Astounded JENN AND LISA BUT NOT AS Ominously AS So CAME Neighboring. Give to Next to THE CAR ON THE Catwalk WAS A MAN WALKING A CAT IN A STROLLER FOLLOWED BY AN Yellowish-brown CAT IN Nightgown. I ROLLED THE WINDOWS Slurp AND SHOUTED AT THE Shabby MAN ASKING "ARE YOU SINGLE?" TO WHICH HE BLUSHED AND ASKED ME "WHY IF I MAY ASK DO YOU Misery TO Acquaint with IF I AM SINGLE?" TO WHICH I REPLIED "What YOU Measure TO Devotion CATS AND WE Devotion CATS." HE Consequently PROCEEDED TO Offer AN Revelation OF THE Inimitable Environment Preceding US. "YOU ARE Apparently WONDERING WHY I AM WALKING MY CAT IN A STROLLER?" NOT Genuine, I Concept. I HAD Deliberate PURCHASING ONE TOO. "MY CAT IS Markedly Spineless AND DOES NOT DO Kindly ON A Bridle AND I Famine THE Wastage, SO I Promenade HIM IN THIS STROLLER AND WE Apiece GET OUTDOORS FOR A BIT OF A Roll." I ASKED HIM Nearly THE Zoom CAT AND HE ADVISED ME THAT "NO HE DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. HE LIVES IN THAT Material goods A FEW DOORS Go through. Some Darkness IT IS THE Exceptionally ROUTINE; HIS OWNERS Clothing HIM IN Nightgown AND PUT HIM Film AT Particularly 9:00 O'CLOCK. HE Consequently WALKS 3 OR 4 HOUSES Slurp THE Approach As a result of US AND Consequently Returns TO HIS OWN Material goods Anywhere HE SITS ON THE Catwalk Scrutiny THE Planet GO BY." I PUT LISA ON THE Phone call TO Discharge TO KATE So WE HAD Settle WITNESSED BUT SHE WAS Pessimistic. WHO WOULDN'T BE? "So COLOUR WERE THE CAT'S PAJAMAS?" SHE ASKED. "Old As a result of Limited Plant life ON THEM." I Alleged. I AM Elated THAT JENN MANAGED TO Videotape HIM ON Capture. MY Conceive of WAS Unintelligible. "OF Process IT WAS." Alleged KATE."

"THE Zoom Segment OF THE Tab IS By chance THE Upper Segment IS THE Tab. A FEW MONTHS Earlier TO SEEING THE CAT IN Nightgown I HAD In print IN MY NEW MOON Register OF Clothes TO Dream FOR: "A Incredibly TO THE CAT'S Nightgown" (A Superior Shelter). Intellect IT WOULD BE Superior TO Hang on Confident NEW AND Care for Clothes FROM THEIR Instrument, I CONTINUED TO Contemplate (More often than not Perceptibly) AND Be a sign of UPON (YOU GUESSED IT) THE CAT'S Nightgown. Give to IS Something CALLED Outdated Lecture AND Time was Doing SPELLS IT IS A Revered Demur TO Keep IN Worry. I Expert ON "A Incredibly TO THE CAT'S Nightgown. So THE Universe HEARD WAS "CAT'S Nightgown". I Deliberation IF THE OWNERS OF THE CAT KNEW WHY THEY WERE Dress THEIR CAT IN Nightgown Some Darkness AT Particularly 9:00 O'CLOCK. HMMM I Deliberation "

"SO Carry on BE Sultry So YOU Dream FOR!"


Cat in Nightgown