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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

New Moon Moves Into Leo

New Moon Moves Into Leo
"I'm one with the Divinity

and open to Her Wisdom."

2nd Day of the 8th Lunar Push

Ruled by Persephone

Lunar Tree Push ~ Tinne/Holly

5th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month - Tinne/Holly

Moon Phase: waxing New Moon

Moon rises:6:55AM EDST

Moon sets: 9:31PM EDST

Moon in Cancer v/c 7:48AM EDST

Moon enters the Engraved Remit

Indication of Leo at 8:53AM EDST

Blodeuwedd's Push of the Moon

Lunar Meditation: The messages of your body

Sun in Cancer

Sunrise: 6:99AM EDST

Sunset: 8:51PM EDST

Cosmological Pepper for the Day: "Like do you

hold dear maximum about your life?

Beltaine (Calan Mai) Prot?g of the Blind date

July 12th, 2010

MOON IN LEO - Thespian endeavors, even more among emotions, such as the focus of hobby, entertainment, verve, and working with patriarchal issues are all hallmarks of a Leo Moon transit. It's the best time to set schedule within the patriarchal machinate as this is being we can really assembly with these issues and staff who are in positions of sabbatical and power. This is a time of earnest energy, warmth, and romance. You spur necessitate to manipulate money wearing Leo's moon transit. It's stable to notice border and it is a time for power issues to jet. Push and detached law are important issues. Moon in Leo is the best time to work magick linking sabbatical, power in the course of others, strength and lavishness, or childbirth. Healing rituals for ailments of the cover back, barb, or median are above and beyond done wearing this interface of time.

Here slight magickal energies today for means and/or spells near people issues and the female. Moon Day is the Day of Gratitude and Try.


We limit to relate the Holly with winter, being its red berries are brought in to do over the farm, but its place in the Celtic Tree Cycles is far previous to, frankly on one occasion the Summer Solstice being the Holly Peer of the realm takes his excel.

Magically, Holly and Oak are connected and their energies are seen as limitless to one latest. If you can find a site anyplace they concoct together, or even condescending intwined, this is trance for magical moving parts, even more otherworld meditations. If you can find such a place, consider grant at gloom to see spirits and visions. Vanished to its own diplomacy the Holly can concoct as high as 60 feet, but maximum are trimmed to undergrowth or hedges these days. Well-seasoned Holly makes an finer staff, period it is at this time unusual to find a tree high ample to furnish with the array spring. It is alleged that a staff of Holly complex a few Oak spur protect each one the traveller and his home from take a chance. The Holly is a tree which acquaintances, so it can be hand-me-down to support affairs, and above and beyond as a magical pathway. Ax pieces clothed in charms of protection and allow them to friends to make your relationship only remaining.

The berries, at the same time as venomous, hand-me-down to be perfect in hand baggage of poisoning, such as okay emetic and purgative. This not something that is optional. Dehydrated and crushed they were hand-me-down to loyal hemorrhaging. A crucial of the vegetation was smashed to halt fevers and has been hand-me-down as a tea stick up for. The rind and vegetation were finished clothed in poultices to help the settle on and healing of broken bones.

[From Kate West's "The Sturdy Witches' Blind date"]



V - MAY Impulsive Disgust OR Vomiting

FOLK NAMES: Aquifolius, Bat's Wings, Christ's Vertebrae, Set apart Tree, Holm Above suspicion, Hulm, Hulver Plant, Tinne

GENDER: Mannish



POWERS: Confide in, Anti-Lightning, Outcome, and Dream Magick

All-important USES: "A par perfection "defending herb, holly guards on top of lightning, toxin and evil spirits. Planted a few the home it protects it and its homeland from mischievous sorcerers. At the same time as perplexed at emotional plants, holly makes them lie down composedly and escape you vulnerable, even if you don't hit them with the factory. Holly water (infused or distilled) is scattered on spawn adolescent to protect them.

Holly is above and beyond carried to minister to good luck, even more by men, so the holly is a guy factory. (Ivy is the match factory for women.) It is above and beyond hung a few the farm for good luck at Yule.

One time midnight on a Friday, minus making a gain, collection nine holly vegetation, somewhat from a non-spiny factory (one that has height vegetation). Insurance these up in a white cloth using nine knots to tie the ends together. Park this base your bolster and your dreams spur come true.

[From "Cunningham's Information bank of All-important Herbs"]

The Description of the Holly Sovereign and the Oak Sovereign

In numberless Celtic-based traditions of neopaganism, grant is the ineffaceable article of the massacre among the Oak Sovereign and the Holly Sovereign. These two pungent rulers tussle for intensity as the Move smoothly of the Blind date turns each color. At the Detached Solstice, or Yule, the Oak Sovereign kills the Holly Sovereign, and next reigns until Midsummer, or Litha. Taking into account the Summer Solstice arrives, the Holly Sovereign takings to do massacre with the old king, and defeats him. The Holly Sovereign them policy until Yule.

In some Wiccan traditions, the Oak Sovereign and the Holly Sovereign are seen as double up aspects of the Horned God. One and all of these analogous aspects policy for unfinished the appointment, battles for the interest of the Divinity, and next retires to pay the bill his wounds for the agree with six months, until it is time for him to regime as director.

Methodically, these two entities are portrayed in used to ways - the Holly Sovereign persistently appears as a woodsy produce of Santa Claus. He dresses in red, wears a sprig of holly in his disheveled hair, and is sometimes depicted gloomy a set up of eight stags. The Oak Sovereign is portrayed as a lavishness god, and now and then appears as the Immature Man or other lord of the forest.

Mostly, at the same time as these two beings do massacre all appointment yearn, they are two essential parts of a whole. Nevertheless such as enemies, minus one, the other would no longer come about.

http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/yulethelongestnight/p/Holly KIng Yule.htm

The Holly Sovereign and The Oak Sovereign

In Celtic mythology the Oak Sovereign and the Holly Sovereign are twins. Entirely appointment at the Detached and Summer Solstices, these two tussle for command. In piece of evidence, these brothers are two parts of the extremely thing, the waxing and deterioration of the yearly cycles of the Nest.

The Holly Sovereign policy the deterioration appointment, from Midsummer to Yule, and the Oak Sovereign policy the waxing appointment from Yule to Midsummer. The Holly Sovereign represents ignorance, rot and separation, and is on a regular basis seen as Pluto, the Peer of the realm of the Underworld, who kidnapped charge Persephone and plunged the earth clothed in winter. He above and beyond represents inner knowledge and mysteries. The Oak Sovereign, on the other hand, represents light, escalation and intensify. These two pungent kings tussle a pretty massacre to win the Improve on of the appointment, at Yule being the Oak Sovereign wins, and at Midsummer being the Holly Sovereign wins.

To the immediate Celts, plants, even more the Oak tree were not rushed sacred. Oak plants are deciduous, meaning that they go clothed in a still direct wearing the winter months. English Christmas Holly plants are evergreen, and retain their flora appointment about. As the discourage weather approached and the Oak plants lost their flora, the Holly plants, which had been buried through the immature Oaks now stood out in their full beauty in the infertile field.

At Midwinter, it seemed that the Holly Sovereign had won and his brother, the pungent Oak Sovereign now stood naked in pasting. But, the Holly Sovereign did not really win the massacre, ever since as the Sun begins to return as anew, The Oak Sovereign rallies, and begins to fix his intensity, even conversely it won't be until Midsummer being the Oaks spur as anew be in full flora.

The massacre continues at Midsummer and the Oak Sovereign appears to win, strong and pushing his opposition out of behold, but as anew appearances are deceptive as the Sun begins to escape as director and the Holly Sovereign rallies and begins to make his full finale as director. Interestingly ample it is at the time being each Sovereign is in his full ability and power that he is beaten by his opposition.

I have regularly treasured the story of the Holly Sovereign and the Oak Sovereign. It represents the permanent feud we all only remaining in our lives. Dimness and death are as far off a part of our lives as light and birth. And, the experiences that each attribute to us are opportunities for us to learn and to concoct.


The Holly Sovereign and Oak Sovereign battling at a Yule Festival