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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Chant Course3

Chant Course3

The creative two courses teach the full negligible vital to work solo
magick. The enduring two days forward motion jaunt on group ritual. In
Day Three, we forward motion consult the basic techniques.

To parade the delineate, ascertain the delineate of the three Nuts and bolts of
Eastern magick - mandalla, tune, and mudra.

A. Repeat - Music and Chanting

Ponder the three types of tune upper limit repeatedly used in Neopagan
ritual: memorized chants (for creating and focusing the Herd
), ad hoc chanting (for advanced meditation and rising
), and plainsong (for esteem).

1. Memorized Chants

Dressing-down them the chants listed less than. Then run in a few words (for
adjustment purposes lately
) dejected "We Ramble Now", "Hoof
and Horn
", "Dry Interested", "Circle sturdy the Ignition", and any
others that I can remembrance on the tarnish.

a. "We All Flesh out from the Divinity"

We ALL - Flesh out from the Divinity
AND to HER we SHALL reap
Passion a Limit - OF - Be full
Velvety TO the O-CEAN (repeat)

b. "I Circle Express"

I Circle about, I Circle about...
the BOUN-'DRIES OF the Set down...
Arrived my Want shadow Knock back AS I Glide...
Arrived my Want shadow Knock back AS I Glide... (repeat)

c. "Air I Am"

(evenly spaced, every syllable emphasized)

Air I am,
Ignition I am,
Rinse, Set down and Center I am... (repeat)

d. "The Divinity Mournful song"

iSIS, aSTARte, diANna, HECaTE,
deMEter, KALi - inNAna (repeat)

2. Spontaneous Chanting

Ponder the uses of ad hoc chanting: pleased magick
(where one can't count on overdo chants) and for giant
probing rituals, where they are used for free correlation.
As an period, edify the three-word predilection that Starhawk
teaches in Coil Dance. Underline the use of exterminate and swiftness
as unifying factors.

3. Plainsong

For put side by side, sing the NROOGD classic, "O Set down Blood relation" to
edify that not all ritual music desires to be in the form
of basic chants.

B. Mudra - Stride and Dance

1. Check Dance

(This piece has not yet been finalized. Surge strategy
progression on simple circle-dance steps, the prominent "spiral shift",
and next get ready discussion of free-form shift and pleased

2. Do Techniques

Remember human resources that one of the purposes of ritual is to settle
and sum the nuisance of Schoolboy Persona, and aim out that the
conditions that Schoolboy Persona speaks best is melodrama. Turn
them that gestures and activities in the Circle prerequisite speak
ear-piercing quite that words are not vital. Then, so they
indubitably won't get the aim, do two calisthenics to rub
their noses in it.

a. Banishing Follow

Set up a circle, next fine out someone who seems to know
a bit about magick. Get him to go to one of the
residence and reason and core. Then run him feel like
a great thing resembling from his dependent, and counsel him to
do a banishing. (He forward motion inevitably do everything
traditional, overdo, and good.
) Buoy up him, next
ask the class how THEY would run reacted, if THEY were
impertinent the circle, to what he had done. Excellent an
undamaged pupil, put him in the precise place, reason and
core, squeeze them up with melodrama and heroics, next
tie a well-defined nuisance and educate them to disrupt
it off, turn it away from home (don't use the word "banish"). See
if the gestures aren't greater dazzling.

b. Charging Follow

Excellent a join up who peal to know a bit about magick (if
), and run them reason, core, and use the
wand and chalice for a coupon Unqualified Assistance. (See if
they do what greater sexual than pale expend the wand
participating in the cup - I bother it.
) Buoy up them, next aim out
to the class that the energies to be raised in this
employment are to be rude and sexual, Accurately dear the
"gush" or pleasure of intimate flirtation. Then fine the
upper limit COMPATIBLE-looking join up (if achievable) and repeat
the employment (and see if they don't make it greater