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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tarot Cards Emperor

Tarot Cards Emperor Image
Pregnancy/Childbirth Spells

Baby Blessing

Need: Rattle, piece of blue paper, silver-ink pen, small box, silver glitter

As the baby sleeps, gently shake the rattle three times; place it in the box.

Draw a picture of a boat on the paper; place it in the box.

Sprinkle the contents of the box with the glitter, saying:

Little one, your journey has begun, but the best is still to come.

Live long, live well, let no one break this spell.

Keep the box well hidden.

-James Kambos

Easy Childbirth

Need: Oil, white candle, powdered lavender, 6-inch square blue cloth, yellow ribbon

Do this spell every morning for a week before your due date.

Anoint the candle with the oil and roll it in the lavender. Light the candle. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. With your hands on your belly, say:

Oh Mother Goddess hold my hand and stay with me throughout this time.

Cradle me in your loving arms, and talk to me of nature's rhyme,

Ease the pains of labor when the time comes for this baby's birth;

Comfort me and guide me through its/his/her deliverance onto Earth,

And grant that labor be not long and that this baby is born with ease,

And that our lives are filled with laughter.

Thank you Mother.

Blessed Be!

Burn the candle for 15 minutes daily. On the seventh day, let the candle burn completely. Place wick and melted wax in the center of the cloth and sprinkle with lavender. Mark a pentagram over the cloth with your finger and tie it closed. Keep it with you during labor and delivery.

Note: Burn a mixture of lavender and sandalwood in the birthing room to ease labor pains and bring a smooth delivery.

-- by Dorothy Morrison

Imbolc Fertility Spell

If you're hoping to conceive during the spring sabbats, start preparing yourself with fertility magic at Imbolc by making a talisman. Grind the following ingredients with mortar and pestle as you visualize your (or your partner's) pregnancy:

4 parts seeds of any kind

1 part wheat

1/4 part rice

2 parts bistort

Handful of nuts

Tie the powder up in a small bag and carry it with you until you conceive. Afterwards, scatter the contents over the face of Mother Earth as you offer her your thanks.

- Edain McCoy

Relaxation Spell

If you have incense and candles, light them, if not, sit on the floor, or lay on your bed and recite:

'I am peace, I am calm, I am love, trust, hope and quietude, send me the angels of times forgotten, and lead me to peace inside.'

This wont make you fall asleep, obviously, but it will help settle your mind after, say, a hard day at the office, or if you have to sleep, but your too pumped with energy. Hope it helps! :D Merry ye part!

- Submitted by Clare Ivy Feather

Remembering Your Dreams

This chant works well alone if you say it while falling asleep. It also works even better if used in conjunction with a dream pillow you construct while saying it. You can also anoint yourself or spray your pillow/sheets with scents to help you dream and remember such as jasmine for prophetic dreams.

To sleep, per chance to dream

I will remember all that is seen

And when night is done, I will awake

and sense of my dreams I will make

- by Apythia (with help from Shakespeare)

Remove Rats

For a more humane way to rid yourself of rats, try the following spell on a Saturday when the moon is waning:

Trace the following square onto paper:





Take a single candle, the magic square and a small dish to where they inhabit. Light the candle and concentrate on the square, reading it up and down, back to front.

Then burn the square in the dish, repeating the words:

"Actum. Deporto. Exsilium. Relego. Rats no more, gone from here, I command you now to disappear. Actum. Deporto. Exsilium. Relego!"

Take the ashes and press them to dust and sprinkle around the place where they inhabit, the rats shall be no-more.

- Submitted by Matthew B

Sleep Spells

Sleep Be Mine

On a piece of paper, draw a capital Z with two lines coming out of the middle from the left, and right. Place it under your pillow, and as you lie down and close your eyes chant three times:

"Peace be mine in this sleeping time; dreams be sweet allow me to sleep!"

- Submitted by DarkRavenWolf

Sleep Spell


Say it while lying in bed. It won't make you fall asleep like that, but it will make you a bit drowsy:

"Help me sleep,help me sleep well, help me rest with this Wiccan spell. "

- Submitted anonymously


"Gods of the night, hear my cry to help me rest during the blackened sky."

- Submitted anonymously

Spell For Strength

Supplies needed: -Sun or orange oil -1 Red candle -1 White candle

Cast the circle, candles and say:

"North, East, South, West

Earth, Air, Fire, Water


The gift of power to move from the earth.

The gift of strength from the air.

The gift of determination from the fire inside me.

And the gift of energy from the water.

Bless the Lord ">Spell For Good Grades

Before taking a test or exam, say the following:

"On this test I take today, I will receive no less than A.

Earth, wind, fire, and sea, As I Say So Mote It Be!"

* it also helps to draw a pentagram on your test paper; I put it as the dot in my last name :)

Blessed Be

- Leslee

Spell to Start the Day

Draw the pentacle on anything around you.

As you draw the first line say "Goddess help me."

As you draw the second line, say "Goddess guide me."

As you draw the third line, say "Goddess teach me."

As you draw the fourth line, say " Give me Power."

As you draw the fifth line, say "Give me Strength."

As you draw the circle, say "To make it through the day."

- Submitted by Jajk

Stop Gossip


Green and Black Double Action Candle

Controlling Oil

Tarot Cards: Emperor, Justice, Strength

Taglock of Intended "Talker"

Done on a Saturday or under Waning Moon

Cast your Circle and Call Quarters. Anoint Candle. Place Candle on Pentagram and then Taglock under Candle. Surround Candle with Tarot Cards. Visualize the gossiper shutting up while chanting:

Candle of Power, Candle so Bright

I seek a need of change in your Light

I call on the forces higher than I

to release the energy that is held inside

If words of cruelty be spoken of me

May it return three times three

If words of hate shall disgrace my name

Bring it's sender guilt and shame

By the powers of Moon and Sun

From your lips there shall be none!

So mote it be.

You could also burn this spell on a piece of parchment to give it strength.(Use Dragon's Blood)

Let candle burn until it extinguishes by itself.

- By Kai

Summon Energy

This can be done virtually anywhere, anytime. It is highly effective and don't try it unless you need a big boost in a spell. It isn't healthy to store all that energy inside you. Here is the incantation, say it as many times as you need to:

Power of light

make me one too strong to fight

I am good, I am light

help me shine through the night

Increase my power by three

Ancient power I summon thee!

- Submitted by a high priest in malta

Summon Spirits

Chant this:

Spirits hear my cry

I sommun you from the other side

come to me and cross the grate devide.

- submitted by "fate"


Now I've always had a knack for reading people, but this always helps me the morning after when it comes to reading minds. I suggest that this spell be used by someone who has already evolved their telepathy.

Do this spell before going to bed. A quick relaxing meditation before helps. While burning a white candle, and a purple candle, side by side, chant this three times, and envision your mind opening up. Then blow out the candles, and go to bed.

"As it be thought in the mind of others

both familiar and strange

both sisters and brothers

may it be heard in mine own head

loud and clear as if it'd been said."

Repeat the spell at least once in the morning, while envisioning your mind opening up.

Remember, other peoples thoughts will almost seem like your own. You can't pull them out of people either. Over-concentrating will screw this up. Just have an open mind.

- Submitted by Steven

View a Past Life

First form a circle with white candles, except for four of them which have to be blue.(don't light them yet) Cast your circle. When casting your circle light each of the four blue candles. Walk deosil thrice within your circle. Sit down and take a deep breath. Clear your mind just imagine yourself on a time line and your going back in time while doing this say these words:

I call upon the ancient power

In this most magickal hour

To help me see my past

this spell I cast.

During the next few nights you will have dreams of a past life of yours. If this does not happen email me.

- Submitted by Thetan

Ways to Achieve

Say this spell on a full moon night if you want to achieve something in your life.

Power of the moon and stars I need the power for which I ask

When my going gets slow Make my faith continue to grow

Help me find the depth of my being

And nourish the talents my spirit is freeing.

- Submitted by Dark Fire

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