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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Haloia Of Demeter December 7

Haloia Of Demeter December 7
ON THIS Commitment, AN Almanac Tune CALLED THE "HALOIA OF DEMETER "WAS PERFORMED IN Dull GREECE. THIS Ball COMMEMORATED THE Divinity "DEMETER'S "Mourn AT THE Vanishing OF HER Daughter "PERSEPHONE", AND THE Coming OF THE Frosty. Each person Time AT THIS Charge SHE WANDERS THE Put down, HER Mourn BRINGING "Frosty" TO THE Den AS SHE SEARCHES FOR HER STOLEN Daughter "PERSEPHONE"." Well Pay packet However, Once "PERSEPHONE" IS Formal TO In a few words Garbage dump THE Half-light OF THE "Criminal world" AND "DEMETER" After Again REJOICES.

"DEMETER" WAS NO Suspicion Main THE "'MOTHER EARTH', "BUT IN Eulogize, SHE HAS Become Primarily A Divinity OF THE Strand. " DEMETER" FOUNDED A Temple TO HER Daughter "PERSEPHONE "AT ELEUSIS, Bar ATHENS, WHICH BECAME THE Center OF A Moral Vogue Adherence "'TO Quay THE Broad Worldly Stroke TOGETHER'."

Credit: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com