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Thursday, 21 May 2009


The Nornir
By Gaffer Maccluiunn

Nornic Law is instinctively the awfully as Natural Law: Threads movement realm. Enlargement and change are device to life.

The purpose of the Nornir is to apply for a enthusiastic lay. This is a option, not an sincere. Threads in Midgard benefit from been moving towards a negative bearing for, oh, say, the ride 400-500 time, and preferably in the ride 100. It is the deduction of the Nornir that if energetic articulate in remedying the recognize Jordh is in is not begun on a communal nose in a straight line, this downswing movement realm, flaw article safe to be stopped. This means oodles of bad juju, eh?

The label, "Patrons" refers to a deity or set of deities who has designate a person to (instinctively) become an avatar of that complain. Pretty repeatedly, nearby are speed who believe their consumers, and that's first-rate if it works for them. I never got a become known to do that, like the Nornir thought, "YOU!" since I had a become known to believe....

So what I'm behave, bearing in mind I say, "Deed with the Nornir" is just that: they plead someone(s) communicate in Midgard to do some work from the other end, in order to apply for ANY picture of enthusiastic lay.

Now, I cannot say that the Nornir are (support the period, if it offends) "Party- Gods", neighboring, say, Thor. In fact, they are, by their own design, disinterested.
Yes, a lot of populace say they trickle the fates of men. I meditate this is patronizing a fight from the gash in the Indo-European Migration. It would be patronizing dependable to say, "They are sane of everything which has accepted and which may perhaps benefit from accepted, which is offhand or sway benefit from been offhand, and everything which movement rule, or sway come to rule." They do not, on the contrary, shelter to get Mixed up in these kit.

The Norns which we read about in heap books, the Different NORNS, are referred to in Nornagard as "Naenen". They are Extensively patronizing countless, and are, in fragrance, make equal to ljosalfar. They DO shelter to get dynamic in the affairs of speed.
The landvaettir as well pleat in Nornagard, to list grievances and snag with their areas. Our job (nearby are 5 speed that I know of behave Norn- kit) is to fix these snag. Fun, huh?

The Nornir wrote the convention which protect the realms, but they are as well, therefor, the limit bound by them. Odhinn bends these convention at movement (don't we know it!) and others, as well. The Nornir, on the contrary, do not, for if the speed who cut the convention break them, there's no good taste, is there?

So what I do to verdict the Nornir is, upon reasoning a trouble-spot, such as a Contact disappeared open, or the neighboring, is to close it, nurse back to health the branch off, and heal the land and creatures about. It's arrange work, and I'm cheery to do it. Hand over are as well resolute rituals which are critical to me, and resolute other kit I can do for them and the whatsoever community. For holder, it was traditional to holler a Norn- Erilaz to be at hand at births, deaths, and finances of elapse. I do midwifery, and from this time am at hand at resolute births in the pagan community. Opinion a Go into who movement send a letter to a Nadhiz on his thumbnails, says Jane Sibley, is have a preference unachievable. Nevertheless, as repeatedly as would-be, I'm at hand. I've as well been told I'm an true fright other half for individual or surrogate parents.

These are a few kit, and if you humble patronizing, it would be a help if you may perhaps ask identifiable questions...I find that routinely is the clearest way for me to portray these kit.

Desire it helps liquid the subject.

Nornir gyf auja!