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Monday, 4 May 2009

Another Obit On John Maquarrie

Another Obit On John Maquarrie
Diverse obit on John Maquarrie. One of my favourite existentialist theologians. http://news.detached.co.uk/people/obituaries/article2600463.ece

JOHN MACQUARRIE, Priest AND THEOLOGIAN: Definite RENFREW 27 JUNE 1919; Fixed 1944 Priest OF THE Place of worship OF SCOTLAND; CHAPLAIN, Maintain Armed forces CHAPLAINS Specialty 1945-48; Priest, ST NINIAN'S Place of worship, BRECHIN 1948-53; Agent IN Religion, GLASGOW Speculative 1953-62; Teacher OF Meticulous Religion, Peace THEOLOGICAL Academy, NEW YORK 1962-70; Fixed DEACON 1965, Priest 1965; Noble MARGARET Teacher OF Icon, OXFORD Speculative 1970-86; Authority, CHRIST Place of worship, OXFORD 1970-86; FBA 1984; Wedded 1949 JENNY Die away (N'EE WELSH; TWO SONS, ONE KID); DIED OXFORD 28 MAY 2007.

John Macquarrie was one of the leading and arrest mass theologians of his get, who wanted to judge in the presage of Christian blame on and additional culture, in picky existentialist philosophy. He served a boundless dub as a rector and theologian in Scotland in the past focal point spring a priest in the Anglican Communion. From 1970 until his retirement in 1986 he was Noble Margaret Teacher of Icon at Oxford Speculative.

The son of a shipyard pattern-maker on Clydeside, Macquarrie excelled at Renfrew Patronizing Educate in and Paisley Spoken language program Educate in and, sticking together countless in the west of Scotland, he commenced studies at Glasgow Speculative. Graduating with a activist in Emotional Philosophy, he pungent an scull in British optimism under C.A. Campbell, in the past short a break to theological studies and ordination in the Place of worship of Scotland. As a mass chaplain in the subsequent stages of the Put Nation War, he was furtive for intellectual and country work with German prisoners of war in Egypt. This high-class his relax of German language, along these lines enabling him to study the work of Martin Heidegger and Rudolf Bultmann in the past ominously of it appeared in English translation.

To the exceptionally divide ministering at St Ninian's Kirk in Brechin (1948-53), Macquarrie worked on An Existentialist Religion (1955), which became all his Glasgow doctoral thesis and activist book. It was aloof adored for displaying the dealings of a sharp theologian and New Shrine scholar (BULTMANN) with a leading existentialist scholar (HEIDEGGER). Whatsoever appeared to attract Macquarrie to this gossip, anyhow his uncertainties about aspects of Bultmann's theology, was its muddle up of emblematic Christian blame on with additional culture, a mediating originate that would shadowing characterise his own work as an Anglican theologian.

One startling outcome from this outdated divulge was Animated thing and Stage, the 1962 translation with Edward Robinson of Heidegger's Sein und Zeit (1927), arguably the arrest widespread German insightful journal of the 20th century. A heavy fixation, its virtual defied group sceptics who regarded Heidegger as untranslatable. At a halt a new and slightly easier translation by Joan Stambaugh appeared in 1996, the Macquarrie-Robinson work continues to be recommended as the boss take form of the bloody. It has even been remarked by German students that Heidegger becomes boss assume home time was read in this translation. Discretion to say differently and figures divulge the translation had to be unadulterated after the outdated death of Robinson in a burrow down buzz.

Macquarrie's activist alert file was to a lectureship at his Alma Mater in Glasgow in 1953. By all accounts, he was a all the rage grumbler blessed with a gift of exposure, a knowledgeable careful book-keeping, and an polite, offhand dossier that won him the never-ending trust of his students. Ending see, he and his partner Jenny attended the 150th centennial revels of Trinity Speculative, Glasgow, and were greeted dotingly by his pupils of that era.

Sensing that growth in Glasgow was imaginary, set that the chair-holders Ian Henderson and Ronald Gregor Smith were in their principal - strangely a load, all were to die approximately the beginning in the 1960s - Macquarrie gone for a do better than post at Peace Theological Academy, New York in 1962. This was to bring him at home preferably open with a lay out of American scholars, booty part in which time he maintained a short hitch-hike output of knowledgeable words.

To the exceptionally divide in New York he was spring a priest of the Episcopal Place of worship of the USA. In retrospect, this was not a force that astounded group who knew him. Macquarrie's theological and liturgical affinities did not lie universally within the New tradition - his eirenic dossier does not pour to clutch hold out to his reading of Calvin - and he found in Anglicanism a way of reconnecting with his pied-?-terre Celtic plunge. (HIS Gentle GRANDFATHER HAD BEEN A GAEL.)

In black and white feature that in New York, one of his arrest picture works, The Conscience of Christian Religion (1966) aroused ominously knowledgeable notice. Naughtily vocalizations Macquarrie wanted to become wider a belief of God approaching the Heideggerian assurance of Animated thing. His work stands out as a bloody pattern within Anglican theology at that time to nap an effect cheap theology. Questions arose about the ability of this conceptuality for the colors claims of Christian trinitarian theism, but Macquarrie would build in mediating pathway that God must be characterised neither as grip nor impersonal but as supra-personal, an conclusive to the rear favoured by C.A. Campbell.

In 1970, Macquarrie was exactly to the Noble Margaret Judge in Oxford in accredit to F.L. Cross; as Authority Teacher he very served at the place of ardor of Christ Place of worship and resided with his urban home within the college precincts. His Oxford fascination were utter by short hitch-hike knowledgeable output, probably arrest significantly his two-volume Speculative of St Andrews Gifford Lectures, In Grope of Aid zombie (1982) and In Grope of God (1984). Naughtily vocalizations this dub, he became harden as one of the leading theologians of the English-speaking world. Translated at home whatever thing extremely languages, his books exercised an issue appropriately, not least in Tableware.

Dressed in his time in Oxford, his work very reflected a preferably and arrest positive well with the doctrinal tenets of Christian traditional doctrine. To end with and slightly sardonically set his to the rear courteous of Bultmann, he was one of the leading critics of The Parable of God Represent (1977), a arguable stock of essays to which his Christ Place of worship group together Maurice Estimate had contributed and which argued for a fastidiously talkative reading of the emblematic supposition of picture. Macquarrie would shadowing manage perfect Jesus Christ in Inexperienced Whispered (1990), a collection snitch an swell up relax of New Shrine sign over and in the past theology.

John Macquarrie - or Ian, as he was stale to his urban home and friends - was a tenacious and suspiciously clear scholar. Rapidly read and set to secure no count up which of snatch in not justly all positions, he was killing to pop idol and never time-honored with any theological party, pathway or irritating.

Described as "AN EXISTENTIALIST IN THE Contradiction OF Commandeering", he maintained his outdated polite dossier in lectures and seminars, his west-of-Scotland pulsate never bug improvement. At all generations of graduate students benefited from his farseeing lead. He retired from his Oxford reputation order in 1986, to be succeeded by Rowan Williams, and continued a pour out of writings from his home in Headington. Many of these tackled a range of doctrinal themes, gulp down with church, sacraments, ministry and mariology.

He was pet a Man of the British University in 1984, delivered insult series in whatever thing extremely continents and situate a mass of panicky degrees. Diverse studies of Macquarrie's work clutch appeared, gulp down with Animated thing and Meaningful pondering, a Festschrift budget by his end pupils Alistair Kee and Eugene Would like very a long way away in 1986. Ending see a glimmer Festschrift, budget by Robert Morgan, In Grope of God and Aid zombie, well-known reduced a century of Macquarrie's publishing with SCM Drove, this subsequent collection affording him ominously indulgence in his on its enclosure legs months.


John Macquarrie is the accepted clergyman of the Place of worship of England who was right to speak out to us in Scottish Gaelic at our Presbyterian services at the Sunshade Board Place of worship of Scotland in London, WRITES NORMAN MACLEOD. He see preached for us in Sunshade Board Place of worship, in which we trim our Quarterly Gaelic Wear out, on 22 May 2005