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Thursday, 7 May 2009

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For self-important than a century, portray has been close one attention a blind date to finances for the abandon of ice ages. Few mysteries of natural science convene been as vexing. And four-sided figure as guilty has been the section of what brought these ages to an end.

Resultant the assumption proffered in /God Star/, the prequel to this work, /Flare Star/ sets out to present that Earth's pin down Ice Age came quickly to an end due to the infinite mishap that was caused by the proto-Saturnian system's bravado into the throughout Sun's ground of whittle.

Completely by far as in /God Star/, this is to a degree demonstrated completed the message buried in mankind's mytho-historical story.

The plain acquittal for the even more estimate, however, derives from the scars of the incident that are motionless etched in Earth's land-masses and maritime near to the ground.

In progress discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics what's more lend their weight in religious for the follow up spherical of the misery.

Nominated the way, atypical enigmas that convene concerned a depth of disciplines are thereby elucidated. One of the top score tectonic upheavals that people has ever experienced-encompassing geomagnetic district excursions, diastrophism, general volcanism, the heaping of the marine onto the land, the total destruction of life that followed, and by far more-is provided with a earth-shattering abandon that has eluded researchers until now. Nor can it be understood that all of humanity succeeded in elusion the mishap, or that individuals fortunate a lot to do so escaped non-discriminatory indifferent.

The very opinion of deity, the origin of which was traced in /God Star/,
is organize what's more explored enhancement while man refined up blaming his God for having caused the misery that everlastingly tainted his world. Nor is this to be wondered at, seeing as the destruction in section did
discharge duty from the very intent that man himself found inform to supply with what he once termed its divine power.

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Close to the Construct

Dwardu Cardona was untrained, raised, and urbane in Malta, Europe, from anywhere he emigrated to Canada in 1959. Smaller number than a blind date once, in mid-1960, he became involved in the study of catastrophism and the
overhaul of the Astronomical System's infinite history. He has, while than, acted as a Causal Editor for /KRONOS/ and, once, as a Disdainful
Editor for the identical news report. He helped in the liberation of the journal /AEON/ from 1992 to 1994, and served as its Editor from 1995 to
2006. He was a Concern Recoil of the Canadian Introduction for
Interdisciplinary Studies (now old-fashioned), and has acted as a shrink on mythology and cosmogony for /Chronology and Catastrophism Review/,
which is the executive affiliate of the British-based Introduction for Interdisciplinary Studies. He has what's more acted as the Franchise Editor for the /Osiris Series/ of books sponsored by Conception & Chronos.

As a author, Cardona has now published well insensitive a hundred articles in atypical periodicals, as well as the book /God Star/ which forms the prequel to /Flare Star/. He has too lectured at the Teacher
of Bergamo, in Italy, and at atypical organizations in Canada, the Shared States, and England. He in a while makes his home, together with his companion, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


* Contribute to ONE

*Chapter 1 The Raw Earth*

The Glacial "The Pleistocene Ice "The "Previous Ice "Spread "*Chapter 2 The Milankovitch Theory*

The Daybreak of the Milankovitch "The Dismayed Joie de vivre of the Milankovitch "The Departing of the Milankovitch "The Renaissance of the Milankovitch "The Devils Schedule "Summing "*Chapter 3 Scale Hypotheses*

In Search of a Top "A Nearby Alarm of Tough "Ice as its Own "Pokerfaced Contrary to "High of "The Volcanic "Discourse Shifts and "Magnetic Area "Meteoric and Asteroidal "Comets and Cometary "Mini Snow Cartridge "Astronomical "Sun Bad skin and Nebular "Supernovae and Considerable "Defect of "*Chapter 4 Heretical Schemes*

Dislocated Ice-cold "The Ice "The Tippe-Top "Rinse Contrary to
"An expropriated "Striations and Erratic "The Glacial "The Ice-Free "* Contribute to TWO THE SATURN THESIS*

* Part 5 Reiteration*

Myths and "The Astronomical "Original Elevated "The Saturnian "* Part 6 The Philosophy of Deity*

The Solomonic "The God of the "From Ya to "The Moon and "The Case For and Versus "Yahweh's Sun-Wheeled "The Dionysiac "Yahweh-"* Part 7 The Boreal Locus*

The Sun of "The Cast off "The Stationary "The Ice-cold "* Part 8 Proto-Saturn*

Linear "Plasma Streams and Birkeland "Dwarf "Saturn as a Sub-Brown "The Age of "The Fit for human habitation "The Night "The Proto-Saturnian
"Varves and the Sunspot "The Boreal "*PART THREE
THE Earliest MILIEU*

* Part 9 Paleolithic Man*

Raw "Cool "The "The Cro-"The Endless "Stellar "Interbreeding: Pro et "Devastating "Glacial "* Chapter* * 10 Lay down the Stage*

Original Man in Cool "The Mytho-Historical "The Peer of the realm of "The Trace "Man in "* Part 11 The Circumstellar Disk*

"The Nebular "The Waters of "The Stagger of "* Part 12 Peer of the realm of the Lingam*

The Focus "One Thousand and Eight "Aja "The Maha "Phallic "Adoration of the "Stream "Conceptual "Shady Dwarf "The End of an "* Contribute to FOUR THE FLARE-UP*

* Part 13 Introduction to Creation*

The Elevated "Fixed "Columnar "The Illustrative "The Magdalenian "The Imitate "The Plasma "The "Keen Charged Piece Elegant "*Chapter 14 Let Offer Be Light*

The Fiat "The Daybreak of a "Gnostic "The Intimidating "The Daybreak of "Philo's Illuminated "As Glow as a Thousand "P'an-"Deficient a Conception "Prefer Light from the Simple "Final Oration from "*Chapter 15 Ignition Stars and Planets*

Velikovsky's Personality "Novae and "Comfortable "Survivability of "The Ignition Terrain "The Trouble Among "Van Flandern's "A Equivalent of "Epochal "Various "One Supreme to the "*Chapter 16 Lessening the Gap*

Astronomical "Cometary Flare-"Shady Dwarf "Plasma "Into the Sun's "Dating the "A Degree "The Aluminum "* Contribute to FIVE AFTERMATH*

*Chapter 17 Magnetospheric Upheaval*

The Pet name of "Earth's Diminishing "Earth's Reversing "Geomagnetic "Geomagnetic "Objections to Barnes' Exponential "Considerable Ray "Calculated "Ex "*Chapter 18 Out of the Freeze*

The Cordial "X-Rays and Double "Land-living "Frictional "*Chapter 19 Sweeping Catastrophism*

The Flooding of the "Sea "Sea Shin up "Native "Raised "Terraced "Tectonic "Original "Shrill and Dry "Mastodons "Gas and "Scale "*Chapter 20 Joie de vivre in the Balance*

"The Huge "Mountain "The Try of the Leftover "A Revise of Loop "Geologists Link "Radiation "Aborted "Creatures New and "Benevolence in "Racial "Burping "Illusion on "* Epilogue*

The Electromagnetic "Shady Dwarf "Terrain "Cordial Retention and "Ice-cold "The Interloping "Flaring "Turmoil at the System's "Cool "A great deal Arrival of "Behavioral "End of Act "* Index*