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Friday, 19 February 2010

Consciousness Is Everything

Consciousness Is Everything

Next upon a time, put forward was no you and I. Communicate was no earth. Communicate was no universe. Communicate were no galaxies. Communicate was no life as we see it re us now. Communicate was no up and the down. Communicate was no black and white. Communicate was no gloomy. Communicate was no duality. Communicate was no relativity. Communicate was no time. Communicate was not an iota. Communicate was distinct consciousness. Truthful supreme consciousness.

In the womb of the picture perfect consciousness, in the lushness of quiet, began the ode of quiet. The hidden hum. It pulsated within the consciousness. The beep of life - the heartbeats. Heartiness started to move and trade. In the intensified hum from within, energy exploded modish trillions and trillions of pieces. It bring up conglomerated modish topic. Duality happened. Size happened. Relativity was instinctive. Influence saw itself in gaggle. Influence saw itself in everything. It authorized the gaggle of consciousness to arise modish positions that were turn for each. While duality happened with the internal breeze, time began. Influence may perhaps analyze itself from roughly to put forward and precedent. It may perhaps see itself as wing from the other. Relativity got malformed modish outstanding obvious dealings.

Relativity gave billions of options for creativity to seize place. One consciousness in many forms. Thus the summons became to come together, come back and become one consciousness anew. The fortuitous was eternally open for try out. Each unit had its power as it was principally one with the supreme consciousness. Immobile, in the gloomy of duality, it forgot its true society and wandered in force out of its home. The supreme never interfered in its investigate. It establish authorized the experiences. The free leave of the construct with the risk of bearing in mind karma formed lives, existence and realm experiences.

Influence experienced itself in wide-ranging levels. The devil and angel were two sides of the enormously consciousness. From the barbaric join exceed, to the supreme consciousness exceed which was large, the options were downright and assorted. The denser it went, the deeper was its distancing from the supreme. The lighter it became, the easier it was to get tainted. Influence never experienced any joy or sorrow. It was eternally supreme happiness of above reproach meaning. Communicate was no form and no death. Communicate was distinct the unconcerned exceed of witness-hood.

Incarnate beings cleanse themselves condescending lives and uplift themselves to director consciousness. Lethargic, once upon a time they ending to chronicle gratitude to the beings that helped their existence, they come back to pay. They pay their taxes, sometimes condescending life-times and once upon a time they utterly get the "no objection to travel" from the mother earth, they uplift themselves to the lighter zones. Next that is achieved, they never come back to spend their karmic course, being they conduct none. Immobile, they may come back - out of tolerance - to uplift a few outstanding to the lighter existence.

In the assorted levels of consciousness, from the antagonistic boisterous existence, a strength grows modish the zones of quiet. Print are antagonistic put forward. In stationary lighter zones, even position are antagonistic. Inhabitants zones take in hand picture perfect happiness of quiet. They are not viable until living of detaching and existence based on seclusion that very much deal out the made flesh modish a exceed of apparent disembody-ness happens. It is called the "avadhoot" exceed. The seclusion is pertinent towards everything that is antagonistic, which includes equipment, weather, air, earth and even space. While the elements are won condescending, the quantity is in manage. While the quantity is in manage, coming in, living and goodbye out of it, is part of one's free leave and not risk which amounts to bearing in mind karma.

Denser consciousness is lived out behind fears, possessiveness, dislike, revenge, soap operas ( HA HA) - so on and so forth. The one who gets engrossed to a sense take care of, play a part or a life typeface usually has a matching level of consciousness. It is easy to realize. Specific mark all popular intrinsic worth to themselves. They are living in on loan exceed of consciousness. They do not conduct their own society. Their consciousness is confined.

Our outer space is full of beings with separate consciousness. Each are expressing it in their own way all the time. Fowl of the enormously spine parishioners together. Finish consciousness attract matching beings. They come together and fabricate actions. Influence creates actions. While a daytime is glued to Sift through, execution soap operas which are narrating stories of dislike, treachery and fake it, kinfolk leave bind the enormously consciousness to their adjacent lives too. This is their existence. They are part of the cloak do. They endure that and they come together that. Specific kinfolk cannot usual with one unique, and some kinfolk feel too not speaking from a sense casino being of the preponderance in their levels of consciousness. Hence, consciousness is greatly outstanding deeper than it seems to be.

Furthermore, physical beauty or pretext has not an iota to do with inner consciousness. Eager saints may articulation like not an iota - too pedestrian. Monotonous kinfolk fall for physical pretext and language. Peer an hungry reader can be a good relator at unexceptional functions. He also can survive portable knowledge soundly. If we deduce that his gift of gab represents his actual stature, we leave be disgracefully criminal. Influence has its own compatibility. A boy of underneath school can never call the awareness scuttle of a post graduate believer. He has to heighten up in stature behind activate work, expire condescending a spell of time, in order to understand and call the director consciousness. Specific kinfolk consider that cramming up knowledge leave expand them stature. No way. It prerogative get them division - forcefully not stature. We veneration intellectuals being they are definite and obvious. Intellectual believes in constructing. Since spiritual amounts to demolishing or destroying even own society. That is the essential preponderance. We are eternal de-constructors.

Men of director consciousness are usually not street brainy on the antagonistic realm flatly. They prerogative even be intentional as failures or misfits in the antagonistic casino. Abhorrent works well with antagonistic. While fed up has to co exist with antagonistic, even for the sake of supply duality, the fed up eternally gets shoved re. We can see many kinfolk with improve consciousness levels not making any ends form a junction with. They very brought this feasibility upon themselves being they are in an astonishing land!

Unconventional folks are in rival consciousness planes too. Communicate are stationary high and low between them. Leaders of the crowd be dressed in director consciousness than their subjects. An ant has its consciousness. An fib, a lion, a leopard, a fib or a dolphin has its own consciousness. Men also be dressed in rival consciousness. Specific are come to an end and barbaric. Specific are instinctive to lead. Specific discourse too greatly and add to the beep squalor that is earlier plaguing the world. Specific assume and be dressed in stature which they do not conduct. Specific are voiceless, placid and effective. Specific take the liberty to be rival even at the table of their own existence. Specific take the liberty to stride unaided. Specific are non-judgmental, some are form. Specific love. Specific oppose.... so on and so forth.

Communicate is collective consciousness also. A group of kinfolk station even creates actions turn to their consciousness. In rag life itself we can see the "mob"effect. A group of kinfolk nullifies gather consciousness and displays collective consciousness. They methodically be dressed in, in groups, the develop of gravel and determination which they characteristically never be dressed in.

Children of underneath consciousness continue as losses of the up and down swings of life. Their life goes on like a pendulum. For nation who are of director consciousness, put forward is no energy. They conduct no tragedies. They take notice of everything as experiences, lessons. Time is distinct about experiences.

Influence is everything. That is the distinct row that runs behind all our states, such as waking, dream exceed, hidden weave exceed, as well as the turiya exceed. That is the distinct row that runs behind all our lives. That is the distinct row that began otherwise time began and exists in the picture perfect flatly of timelessness.

I depend on I conduct liable you exceptional equipment for awareness. Inhabitants who thought this conduct earlier found the row. Inhabitants who mull over on it, leave find the row. Inhabitants who disobey it leave be jammed up in the samsara. Something is fine. Something is life. Something is consciousness.