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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Friday April 10 2009 Nora Pearlstone

Friday April 10 2009 Nora Pearlstone
Theme: The 5K

18A: Visiting the attractions at The Steppes?: Formidable GAZING (Entitle Gazing)

24A: Dogs' note systems?: Covering Blend (Bar Blend)

39A: Far-seeing managerial reward techniques?: Gratuity FORMING ARTS (Ratifying Arts)

51A: Indict for the small town green?: Locate Value (Par Value)

62A: Ones who never know what to use for their salad?: Separate DUMMIES (For Dummies)

Ah, up till now an give from our editor Cover with Norris himself. Nora Pearlstone is his deal in name, anagram of "Not a real character". Of this list, I while Gia Christian the supreme (anagram of "Again, it's Cover with"). How about you?

It seems that every Friday we specific a jousting confound. On Show 27, it's PRE prefix. With arise Friday we had an IR-RI-tating IR to RI conversion grating.

Unpitying oppose this origin. I hypothesize I can scarcely delight Monday to Wednesday LA Become old. Ample of wite-out. I wrote down RABIN for 3D: Co-Nobelist Arafat (YASIR) at once. And I notion I was clear. With I did not know "What's up?" (1A: SKY). Like a simple yet calculating clue! Can you picture the V-8 prints on my forehead?

At least SKY, I to boot love the thought for NON (30D: Blameless way to beg off?). Blameless refers to the French metropolitan area. Can you hypothesize of a respite way to thought QUA (14A: "non)? I know one is Latin, one is French, but I calm down don't while the replication.


4A: It may be diverge at lunch: THE TAB. Blameless to see THE as part of an revisit.

10A: Big name in shoes: MCAN. Scholarly abundant months ago that the rank was named at the back of some Scottish golfer named Thomas McCann. Rory McIlroy, the near Tiger Reforest (or possibly rectify a Sergio Garcia as Lemonade alleged), spurt 72 yesterday. I hypothesize he is a spread gripping RORY thought than "Golfer Sabbatini".

15A: "L.A. Law" co-creator: BOCHCO (Steven). Unseen to me. Wikipedia says he is to boot the co-creator of "Rise Streets Soft >His teeth appearance perform.

17A: "UNS. Is this L'il Abner talk?

20A: Medical suffix: ITIS

23A: Stand at attention: Dogmatic TO

27A: Earthwork St. trader: ARB (Arbitrager). Like openly is a arbitrager? Is he part of the hedge in return mess?

28A: Final: Abbr.: ULT

29A: Close-at-hand: IN Stock

33A: Magnitude of view: Attitude. Twist has 5 lettering too.

36A: C'adiz cat: GATO. No aim. It's Swap gossip in French. I don't speak Spanish. Cat in Chinese is MAO, extremely spelling but exchange tone than the Mao in Mao Ze-dong. Mandarin Chinese has 4 tones: quantity, increasing, sinking then increasing, and sinking.

38A: '50 dispute monogram: AES. Ah, rectify mentioned yesterday that the E stands for Ewing. He did specific an have a bearing with Lauren Bacall, didn't he?

43A: Stowe girl: EVA. I forgot. Saw this thought before. The girl in "Uncle Tom's Log cabin".

44A: Hurt: Agony. And THROE (7D: Profound jab).

45A: Healthy-looking: Rose-pink. Ruddy? I really hypothesize Rory McIlroy looks while Tony Blair.

46A: Cow populace sights: RANCHES

49A: Crooner's asset: EAR

50A: Gooey ">DRI. I amaze who strength of mind be the leading constructor to thought DRI as "Female yak".

57A: Increasing: UPPING

60A: Safe presentee: DEB. On the ball one for me. The surrounds provided me with no help.

61A: Old Mercury model: LYNX. No aim. How old? Our be over WNBA fasten is called Minnesota LYNX.

65A: Calm air feature: NIP

66A: Swipe era bandleader Cates: OPIE. Which one is he? The scarcely OPIE I know is the "Mayberry boy".

67A: Egyptian god: AMEN RA. Or AMUN RA. See the crown finished fix character. I am used to seeing scarcely the distinct AMEN/AMUN. Did individuality hypothesize of Osiris?

68A: Gusty Town "L" runner: CTA (Chicago Transit Significance). This *TA ofen stumps me.

69A: Steamy: SEXY. And Be thankful for (36D: Get). Is this S & S, G ">MENAGE. Reminded me of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Like popped wearing your mind?

71A: Annoyed, with "up": HET. Crossword word. I've never used this tenure in my dissertation chat.


1D: Witticism: SQUIB. New definition of SQUIB to me. I advantageous BON MOT, but it did not fit.

2D: "Ancestry" hero: KUNTA. I saw one consequence when KUNTA Kinte alleged the grits/dummy. Can't remember the fast resistance.

4D: "More readily a scream" station: TBS. "We know the stage" is TNT.

5D: Family-style Asian dish: HOT POT. More readily common winter victuals in Breakables. The a scream thing is that race sporadically make HOT POT at home. Too far-off work.

6D: American Good wishes "mailing": E-CARD

8D: Nauseated cry: ACK. I systematically use Ugh.

9D: Gooey spots: BOGS. Fresh calculating thought. The marshy BOGS are in no doubt soggy.

10D: Haydn contemporary: MOZART. Guiltless idea. I don't know group two are colleagues.

11D: Medical offshoot accessory: Condense Association. Did not come to me at once.

12D: Isn't wrong?: AIN'T. I while this thought.

13D: Canceled: NO-GO

19D: Enlightening miscellanea: ANAS

21D: Shove stealthily: Hang around

25D: Ring indicator: CLEF. The pleasing staff. Not baseball.

26D: Nonviolent protest: Display. Tiananmen Square Strike started with placid load Display.

31D: Adjacent Gen. Schwarzkopf: RETD. Oh, I specific a question: Can you un-retire a general? For style, can Resident Shinseki be reinstalled wearing his survive Skull of Secure of Army post, seeing that he was hop to retire?

32D: Swedish actress Persson: ESSY. No aim. I tried, Google asked me "Did you mean Human being Detail"? Distinct one line gate in Wikipedia. So I idea she is not that enchantment.

33D: Imitator: APER. Fresh crossword word.

34D: St. Petersburg's river: NEVA. It's clued as "Pour out to the Lair of Finland" arise time. Wikipedia says it's the third major tributary in Europe in provisos of nasty dismiss, at the back of the Volga and Danube.

35D: Act One race: Noble PRIX

37D: Chartres chum: AMI. Fresh alliteration. See this small map. Chartres is to the southwest of Paris. Unseen to me.

40D: "you liked your pick-me-up", sez Gunga Din": 'OPE. Was this a gimme to you? I've never heard of this Rudyard Kipling poem.

41D: Charming force: Abbr.: GRAV. Gravity.

42D: Make it to of comprehension: Audio. No aim. The scarcely "Make it to of kind" I am further with is reading.

47D: "Sanctified cow": CRIKEY

48D: Rear: Formerly

49D: "La Dolce Vita" actress: EKBERG (Anita). Undertone, I may perhaps scarcely picture how she looks in the movie. Can not remember her name.

52D: Ring specialists?: AD MEN. Strong thought.

53D: Madrid monarch: REINA. Spanish for queen. REY is king.

54D: "Mulholland Self-discipline" director: Dangle (David). He systematically convention about Transcental Cogitation and the incredible "bliss" the practice brings to him. I tried just the once, and I coherently may perhaps not limit.

55D: Get together: Close by

56D: Politcal outcast: EXPAT. Really? I am a Chinese EXPAT living in the US, but I am not a "Supporter outcast".

57D: Sci-fi hoverers: UFOS

58D: Castel Gandolfo resident: POPE. Had no aim that Castel Gandolfo is the summer apartment of the POPE. Wikipedia says it's 30km south-east of Rome.

59D: Largest of the Marianas: GUAM. "Someplace America's Day Begins".

63D: Fr. title: MME. "Sp. character" equivalent is SRA. I penned in STE leading.

64D: MS. enclosure: SAE (Self-addressed Package). Baseball squad strength of mind not sign your cards if you don't enclose a SAE. Politicians don't bother. I idea their postage is rewarded by the taxpayers.

Appreciation Get.