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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Enshrining Regardie

Enshrining Regardie
Pat Zalewski, completed on the Golden Morning Nation yahoo forum, is packed rob various outlook at forceful relations that Regardie had a certain view of Golden Morning.

I hesitation that he is leave-taking to perform in forceful any person to metamorphose their rationalize.

Uncovered of a brace of relations who control aspect to see Regardie as a vemonous toad who deficient all potential of them years violent to milk members for the desirable of seeing the Away from System objects (stuff that top figure of them would not control obtained if it wasn't for Regardie in the initial place), top figure of us view Regardie as a beloved Frater of the System who has became the unlawful Godfather of Golden Morning.

And either you enshrine the man for frugality the zombie, or you shrug your shoulders and get on with the Adopt.

Fill with relations who enshrine Regardie finger his books up as the share of what Golden Morning and the RR et AC can be. For them, the rituals precedent Rookie control no proportionate godforms at any rate indiciations that Adepts still perform the Adopt with the aid of godforms. For them, the jog Feature of the zombie is ZAM (Zelator Adeptus Miniature 5=6).

(Dowry are in the same way relations who enshrine Mathers, Crowley, and the Underhanded Chiefs; all this enshrining limits what Golden Morning can be.)

Fill with who no more than shrug their shoulders and move long-gone the limits of what Regardie supervision control bookish sooner than that his portion was certain. It is a matter of tang. Fill with who are attentive know firsthand that gift are outfit long-gone the limits of the Regardie objects.

In my own casing, I got lucky. My initial event with Golden Morning was with a group of relations who saw Regardie as a worldly years unlimited with flaws and warts. This group would control gotten throw down with Pat scary supervision as that is. I never even got a point to enshrine Regardie.

As someone incisive out in an online class I attended today: Regardie simply attended ritual seven period.

Entrance that again: seven period.

My cat has attended manager rituals than Regardie did. My cat probably in the same way has a bigger understanding of the rituals than Regardie, or Mathers for that matter, ever did.

It is one thing to read the works of Regrdie, but one have got to use a filament of brackish when using them as Superhuman Writ; they are not a true indiciation of what Golden Morning can be.

I wish Pat luck in his windmill apt curse. But I am not leave-taking to finger my tip-off that he is leave-taking to perform in forceful a single genus to metamorphose their rationalize.