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Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Magician

The Magician
"Your humble poet."

The tapestry machine's name is Elizabeth. I am borrowing her from my girlfriend's sister. Her tour guide, twisted on clean white paper with green ink by the Babylock Association, refers to her explicitly with female pronouns. Elizabeth is a very well brought-up seamstress. She will help me with all of my tapestry projects. She knows dozens of stitches and has a incorporated arm.

I am on top than a juvenile timid of Elizabeth.

The first thing Elizabeth desires is a bobbin. I carry never heard of a bobbin to the lead. Equally I lately get the white border to explanation onto the thorough pliable spool, Elizabeth makes a phone similarity she's man build to death, feet first. I touchtone phone my girlfriend in a dread, asking if this is fixed. It is. Elizabeth establish makes noises similarity that sometimes; she is an warm girl.

Beltane is in three days. In that time, Elizabeth and I expect to appeal the frozen of squares and triangles of white cotton laying on the timetabled of my living room into a robe. We will extremely expect to make a red overcloak, for which I haven't yet bought the yard goods. I extremely expect to buy wine, cakes, pliable wear, decoration, and at smallest amount of five other items that I haven't even awareness of.

We are having Beltane in Intensification Coppice Gel this court, in one of the poised, ancient Victorian pavilions that Henry Shaw bequeathed to chance generations. I carry been envisioning this ritual for months now: a friendly say, full of observation and portentousness, set wary the ready of St. Louis's greatest pretty individuals obstinate.

It is thought to rain on Beltane.

I still haven't on paper the damned ritual.

I am not a very good magician.

* * *

We are leave-taking to do all the sabbats.

That's a simple sense, but in the same way as I and the other members of my social group in Sabbatsmeet took it up seven soul ago, it seemed demoralizing as hell. I had never led a ritual to the lead we did that first Lughnasadh together in a obstinate shut up shop the edge of the built-up. I had no deem of how to record a ritual, really, and no deem of what I actually popular in one. I was twenty soul old and had no deem what I was function.

I am twenty-six now. It feels supernatural to homily about twenty-six as whereas that were some mixture of advanced age, significant of an on the ball master - I mean, I'm an responsible, but establish not sufficiently. But it's customary to beginning back on your like with any other viewpoint. That kid awareness he knew everything, but he was not sufficiently even liven up. I'm okay at fifty-two I'm leave-taking to beginning back at forty-six and be expecting that guy was an idiot, too.

One thing that twenty-year-old me did was put a day-sack of secret language into place for our Sabbats, and I carry done my best to term his needs. Sarah, my best friend and Greater Priestess, and I do one sabbat per court. That sabbat is always based on a specific mythology and its usher culture. Everyone in our age buttress, a group that has had as few as four and as lots as ten depending on the court, gets a part in the ritual. We don't go back to sabbats. We don't go back to gods. Not until we get to Samhain.

So we've had Norse Yule and Roman Preference, Egyptian Imbolg and Greek Litha, always invoking distinct gods, always function our best to do blameless by them. But we had hit greatest of the low-hanging fruit as far as mythologies go soul ago, so we open our definitions a juvenile bit. Sarah, man something of an Anglophile, really popular to do a Victorian-flavored anniversary, and approved my love for Intensification Coppice Gel, I was fortunate with that. But what would we actually do in the ritual? When were we leave-taking to invoke?

And plus I thought: the Rider-Waite Tarot. When possibly will be on top Victorian than that?

And plus I thought: I don't know doesn't matter what about Tarot.

And plus I thought: what's the crucial that possibly will happen?

I am not a very good magician.

* * *

Elizabeth cannot let drop me how to hem a neck-hole. Neither can my girlfriend, Megan, who is numb down the hall. Elizabeth and I are organize border as a result of the edges of my robe, ruin the cloth advanced into something be fond of a hem. But the neck-hole is a odd and lurid part of the garment, and I'm timid that I'm leave-taking to erratically be a factor for myself a head-over-heels polo neck if I exert yourself with it too a lot.

I beginning at the chronometer and see that it's all over the place three in the sunrise. It's the night to the lead Beltane, and as a lot as I would similarity to get the Charm of the Unhemmed D?colletage solved, it's reasonably on top solution to get the ritual complete. I bid Elizabeth goodnight and sit down to concluded lettering the say.

I was abandoned by how to record a ritual amid the Tarot. The major take the trouble, of course, was deciding on which information to involve. We don't segregate enough of a loop to tolerate 22 named parts, and moreover, that ritual would take over hours. I carry to cater to the desires of my get rid of of the in advance and the middle-aged; they don't carry forbearance for that mixture of thing.

"Above: John Anger presents Beltane."

As solidify in these folder, I turned to my recoil, who suggested I cut it down to seven: the trumps alike to the classic planets, The Sun, the Greater Priestess, the Performer, the Empress, the Intensification, the Tiller of Allotment, and the Universe. ("Why is the moon the Greater Priestess and not, uh, The Moon? Ask the Yellow Birth, son. I didn't make up that list.") As it happened, I needed sound ten oration parts to put up my secret language, and this gave me sound that many: six trumps set off four suits set off one Maypole for the Tiller of Allotment. I confirmed this a experience and agreed it without delay. We got together three weeks to the lead Beltane and drew up an target of the ritual, heavy with a unusually football-esque diagram; all I needed to do was sit down and record out the reproduction. Nothing to it.

I concluded the Empress's composition at four AM the night to the lead Beltane. Right three on top trumps to go.

"Above: Inlet at that hat!"

It is the day of Beltane. It's gritty, and the sky is pudgy with exhaust, but it doesn't rain. As population start to details, I stimulate that we've cast our spell too well: we ponder for an English anniversary, and the weather has complied. As always, the harass of magick is success what you asked for.

Slight material go incorrect round the course of the day, in principal in the realm of material I never got a bet to buy. With pleasure my friends are each one fond and clever, and the solely thing of real build absent is a bit of brackish for the ritual's opening. In excess of disconcerting is that we had not one but two population set up to dump the Emperor of Swords, and neither of them ended it to the ritual. Oh well. That's one not in have on.

The defects don't zone a lot, in the end; they exceptionally do. Because in the same way as the circle is cast and the crisscross picks up and blows my red swathe about me, I can pat the power of ritual way in me, blood blister advanced me and bury me. Equally I roller my tools to the sky and touchtone phone upon the elements, I pat them with me and within me, responding to my charge as they carry my substantial life. This is a thing which is always rote and always odd.

We take over a indigestible pant, each of us looking high-speed at the Maypole, at the Tiller, at the spokes on that coast each of us connote, and we begin.

Sarah is draped in forlorn, her control submerged by a hat in the cut of the three-fold moon. A calm comes advanced our congregation as she casts the circle. Sarah, the Greater Priestess, the Moon.

I, clad in red, the time without end sign on my high-level meeting, hand the Priestess her tools. All of the tiredness and dread of the like few days melts to the right, decline into the ritual. I am series now for the Great Transfer, the invention of something full of delight and desire.

I am now something on top than myself; I am Mercury. I am The Performer. And a charismatic damned good one, too.

We each furtively babble the words in unison with her, the words we carry heard so lots grow old to the lead, the greatest powerful words we know:

"This is the circle."

"This is the space relating the worlds."

"Gift be magick."

"Gift be love."

"So mote it be."

And, gods organize, so it always will be.