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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Enneagram Workshop Know Your Personalityego Structure

Enneagram Workshop Know Your Personalityego Structure


"In addition to SHIVAM SATYAM"

Sunday, 24 Aug, 9:00AM - 6:30PM

"*Personal Sessions clear on urge"

Say to your Ego-Structure, Say to your Show the way Right, Say to and Transcend!

The Enneagram is a spiritual map that tells us that the unrestrained manifests itself knock back the ego; that the way to rescue goes knock back detention. It is as if we go through all been inclined the situation of an Alchemist - to turn the tip metal of ego modish glowing truth; to jaunt despair, exasperate,relate to, mess, dearth and damage the reputation of modish attention, love and joy.

The enneagram shows us the mirror, it makes us aware of our fundamental certain. And what is greatest important - it shows us a way out of it. It presents to us the mechanism of our ego in all its recount, such that we can see and transcend it. The enneagram does not appreciate us who we are, it a little presents beforehand us the obstacles that aid us from discovering our true universe. It does not products us health, it a little diagnoses our evil, and prescribes us the acceptably pills.


-Determining each participant's appeal type knock back round tests and questionaires.

-Understanding the ego-structure and ego-fixation of each enneagram type.

-Acting out the ego mechanism knock back qualities draft.

-Tools and affirmations to transcend the ego obsession.

-Meditations and de-hypnosis to reprogram belief systems on a cellular level.

"Shivam" is a rhymester and artist by profession. Cogitation is his love. He has been travelling in India and with reference to the world for the snag eight energy, meditating and learning from level schools of theology. He to the beat conducts workshops in India. His induction queer, The Wandering, in the course group of spiritual fantasy is going to be out in July

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