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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Self Nourishment Meditation

Self Nourishment Meditation Image
See a little you in your hands.
See a light ray of soft golden light.
Let the light ray begin to spin around your hands.
Make the spin larger.
Larger still.
Spin the light larger so it surrounds you completely.
Soak up the colors pink, green and white.
Allow yourself to be nourished from the Earth.
Feel the well of strength of our little planet.
Think of the millions of bits of energy we put into Mother Earth.
She cleanses and recycles the energy for we humans to live.
Seek peace, faith and love within yourself.
See the beauty of your soul and let it glow.
Awaken to the understanding of your place in the Universe.
Every breath you take vibrates through the Universe.
Extend peace, faith and love to all living beings.
When you are ready, dis-engage and ground yourself.
Feel your deep connection to the Earth through your feet, through your body.

Images and Meditation Copyright(c) Manin Erixon-Stanford, "Veins of Silver", LLC

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