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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

An Ace And A God

An Ace And A God
I've been working with the Ace of Pentacles -- feign a bit of practical magick for a start. My work domain and put are as organized and instruct as they've been in natural life (at smallest of my own feign). I stability be fond of a Virgo!

On various note:

I sat at work yesterday and noticed my Ganesha statue. My Gal gave it to me some time ago. I had the bother that feign the assistance makes the gods and other spirits turn up aristocratic real. The logical feeling is they move closer so of course they are aristocratic real. Existing is a non-believing psychological justification as well. At any calculate, I abruptly moved out my domain for a brief meeting. In that person's domain I inadvertently walked off with the man's pen. I noticed afterward I returned to me domain. Existing was a category taped onto the pen. Geniesha.

So, to the untruth god that rides a mouse, belief for suspended around.