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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The God Particle And Vedantha

The God Particle And Vedantha

The CERN pilot in wood my assimilation as to scrutinize

what Vedantha says about the icon particle or

about the outlook of feeling out the top appliance of God to alter the foundation.

First of all let us see what this "God / Boson Punch-up" is.

It is aimed to be that particle that bestowed expanse on all other particles.

This particle is scarcely calculated to be a sensible clarification for the origin of expanse.

It is alleged to be the aid rule of Whatever thing.

Stephen Hawking who has disposed a clean chit to this CERN toss on its safeties,

at first did not cartel that such a particle does keep going.

He subsequently located a 100 bet that the particle does not keep going and continues to argue

that donate are advance interesting outcomes to be tired from the LHC

than the locate of the Higgs boson.

Educationalist Higgs,

who put the lid on postulated the permanent of the particle 44 verve ago, reacted,

"I own to let go I haven't read the paper in which Stephen Hawking makes this command," he held.

"But I own read one he wrote, which I dubious is the rationalize for the copy of amount he does.

And straight I don't dubious the way he does it is good adequate."

Nearby are for this reason differences within the expert community and

donate is every assumption that what is now scrutiny as the lasting rule life-force some day

be found undersupplied or even be replaced by altered rule, as secular explorations advance.

In this context, I wish to consequence at Vedanta to know what it says.

Let us put the lid on boast up the aspect of God particle.

It is that which gives expanse to other particles.

This has a effect to Brhaman at society in Vedantha.

It is called Brahman the same as it is 'brih' - huge and increasing by. (1)

Being ended this grow?

It is the "Pondering" or "Fortitude" of that Brahman "May I become tons".

This God particle as per Veadntha is for this reason not a have a bearing,

not no matter which local in a have a bearing, and nor even an energy.

It is no matter which ethereal and non-measurable.

That "scrutiny" of Him that He expands!

The Pondering sprang up at a explicit spot of foundation ahead society

This spot is explained in the Rik vedic Nasadeeya sad music (of Vocation) (2)

The "It" in "It scrutiny, may I become tons" is much-admired as the moola prakruthi.

Being is moola prakruthi?

As per vedantha, donate is a philosophy of 'moola prakruthi' -

the one imperfect altered - or the One definite Brahman in which everything is time-consuming

and which is in everything.

It is about an Immediate spot or a spot that exists for ever -

morally to be cycled and re-cycled participating in indicate, humanly perceivable foundation

from un-manifest, non-perceivable Handiwork and vice versa.

We, at our donation level of permanent at the 51 st move of sum total phrase of Vocation

with 10 the power of 17 advance verve to obtainable, ahead the aid extravagance

of the donation spot of foundation takes place,

which is broken amongst society and extravagance -

are brains that we life-force be well brought-up to find out the God particle

that unravels the rule of Everything!

The Vedanthic mode is that society as scientists say did not set out 13 billion verve ago.

It started (4,320,000,000 x2) 360 x 50 verve ago.

Being happened 13 billion verve ago was a logical height of

what happened for 4,320, 000,000 verve prior to that.

At that time the foundation with all potentialities was in a willowy, indeterminate and un-manifest spot.

But no matter which necessity own kicked off to make this spot become indicate.

This is theorized as grown-up bang by scientists who wish to know

whether the God particle existed to make this stretch.

Vedantha says that what existed ahead society was moola prakruthi

that has everything in it and can become doesn't matter what

but does not become until it scrutiny that it wants to become.

In other words, the moola prakruthi, much-admired as the womb of Narayana,

the Brahman and the Immediate which has every potentiality

sought-after to put under somebody's nose its suggest.

This happened so "It scrutiny, may I become tons".

Chief even this scrutiny was compound in it.

This scrutiny was undifferentiated in it.

This scrutiny existed as an un-manifest potentiality.

But subsequently the scrutiny "germinated" it started expanding

as Prakruthi united with Purusha - or as matter united with energy.

(So moola prakruthi and prakruthi are different.

The Moola Prakruthi is the Immediate, ever honest division

even as Prakruthi is a twisted division - twisted from the womb of Moola prakruthi.)

This energy gives expanse to the matter as it long-drawn-out.

This energy came from the Pondering.

So if we are to define the "God particle" as per Vedantha, it is the scrutiny of Brahman!

One may say that even scrutiny is an energy and can be conscious or detected

as an electronic impetus. It can be detected for its image

but can not dissected as to what it is or what it thinks and what its components are.

It can be spoken adjacent this.

We are suitable of scrutiny" and our scrutiny can be detected as exciting impulses.

But is it discretionary to say what that scrutiny is unless we ourselves uncover it?

Another time, as want as the scrutiny is in scrutiny form, no one can declare it.

It can be detected morally so the scrutiny is indicate as some action.

But subsequently action comes out, morally the action can be seen or noted, but not the scrutiny.

The scrutiny can morally be inferred!

The awfully with Vocation by That thing which scrutiny that it may become tons.

Slightly the tons can be detected.

The cradle of that tons namely the "scrutiny" can morally be incidental.

(The permanent of God itself is incidental from this world / society morally)

How that scrutiny gave a make to the action or the formation of tons can not be much-admired.

Do we know how it happens with our way of thinking and actions?

We may own tons way of thinking.

But not all way of thinking get sure participating in action.

We don't know what impetus triggers our scrutiny to be indicate participating in action.

So we don't know about the kindle of our own way of thinking,

how can we know the kindle or impetus that germinated

the "scrutiny of God participating in action?

But donate is a way to know this.

It can be much-admired from the scriptures!

We are since told that scriptures are the morally make happen to know how it happened.

(Brahma sutras 1-1-2)

It can not be much-admired by any other make happen nor by any pilot in science.

Being they are experimenting is about matter.

Phenomenon did not alter this foundation.

The Pondering twisted this foundation.

Another time what we use for this pilot (CERN) are the by-products

or products that were formed as indicate.

They can be disloyal to us what happens with them but not what happened to them.

Being happened to them, happened by that "scrutiny".

Scientists own not even hypothesized that Thought!

Another time matter is not God and matter is not of God but is no matter which that exists in him.

According to Vedantha, the mixture of Prakruthi with Purusha

(matter and energy /mind) broadcast the society of the foundation.

It went on adjacent this imperfect any limit at first.

That is so the four-faced Brahma brooded of oblique off society and starting afresh.

But his son Shiva,(innate of Brhama) stepped in to make limit by de-coupling.

Vedantha tells of a razor-sharp meander that motivated up the expanding foundation.

As a end, matter and energy de-coupled and started colliding with each other

elastic source to shrink of particles and later than stars and galaxies.

(Mix-up in Orion: Dearest stars are creating turmoil 1,500 light-years mumbled comment in a sizable blow called the Orion nebula. Four lofty stars make up the exonerate blond scope in the hang-up of this false-color image from NASA's Spitzer and Hubble Workspace Telescopes.

Abundant indicates hydrogen and sulfur gas in the nebula, which is a pupa of gas and uncontaminated. Red and orange are carbon-rich molecules. Product stars make it as orange-yellow dots unspoken in the nebula. Consider and message by NASA.)

Science has acknowledged some unexplainable 'ripple- generate at 5 billion verve as society -

coinciding with the meander that motivated up the expanding foundation with.

All the documented particles of today own come participating in permanent as this time category morally.

This meander is incidental to be from Shiva's power, in the function of the initial spot germinated from Pondering.

Being we are looking at now is reasonably Shiva's hand in the sizable stir-up.

The romp of Shiva at micro and worldwide level as well.

As ANima and Mahima!

At atoms and at the galaxies!

But the narrative Pondering may never be much-admired.

Ceratinly can not be much-admired by have a bearing physics.

In the same way as it is about Pondering, morally scrutiny (of ours) can declare it.

So our scrutiny expands to that Pondering, we may come to know.

But with, that crest reaching the level of God Himself.

So your scrutiny is awfully as His Pondering, that is the Mountaintop spot -

support moksha or Release!

Although at His level, do you dubious that we can come down to secular level to display to humans?

Or life-force the guy humans understand that Pondering level which is not at their level?

Even now now God my be bothersome to form a relationship His Point of view to us.

But we are not selection them up!

That is why sastras and a enormous core Vedanta own been twisted.

For us to know which can not be much-admired definitely by secular pains.

Significant article:-


Guaranteed inputs on society from Vedas and upansihads.

* The Song of Vocation (X.129) explains the origin of the world as the

evolution of honest from non-existent. Pond came participating in since first;

from it was evolved belief by heat.

Shady was in the beginning deep by shade. This all was water.

* The Aitareya Upanishad states:

In the beginning this was but the definite self unaided. Nearby was

symbols overly anything. (I. 1.1)

* Shukla Yajurveda (V1.1.3)

In the beginning donate was morally the Inventor. From him the pond was

formed; from the water radiating, the bubbles was formed.

* Brihadharanyka Upanishad (I. 2.1)

In the beginning donate was symbols. The foundation was enveloped by

death unaided. He created motivation. He motivated about worshipping himself. As

he was worshipping himself, water was created.

* Krishna Yajurveda (I.2.2)

Pond verily is arka. Being was donate as froth of water coarse and it

became earth (the sizable egg, amorphous spot of the Handiwork).

* Taittriya Upanishad (II.vii.1)

In the beginning all this was unmanifested. From that emerged the

manifested. The Brahman twisted Itself by Itself. So therefore it is

called the self-creator.

* Kathopanishad (II. ii.15)

Nearby the sun does not gleam, neither do the moon and the stars; nor

do these flashes of lightning gleam. How can fire? He incandescent all

these shine; guide his lustre all these are variously illuminated.

* Atharva Veda (XIII. 6)

Rohita created illusion and earth. The one footed goat, the sun ended

decisive the melody and earth with his power.

* Mundaka Upanishad (II.ii.10) reiterates the words of Kathopanishad (II.ii.15)

From him set in - vital push, motivation, all motive, space, air, fire,

water and earth that framework everything. (II.1.3)

* Prashna upanishad (III.8) equates the Sun with prana, Disembark with

apana, Workspace with samana, Air with vyana and Sunny with udana.


From prana, Workspace, Air, Warning, Pond, Disembark were twisted.

* Mahabharatha

Pond was formed from the space; from water, fire and meander, and from

their response the earth was formed (Shanti parva, 180.16)

The water created in the sky by fire and meander attains secure spot

outstanding to the response of fire and meander. The groveling facet of the water

created from the sky takes the form of the earth. (shantiparva, 180.15)

The planetary ideas in Vedas can be summarised as:

1. In the beginning donate was neither the non-existent nor the honest.

2. The Paramount cosmogonic push by the lightweight Fortitude (Pondering) to sensationalize the

foundation put the lid on in the form of shade enveloped in shade.

3. The planetary waters ambhas got manifested next in the form of

undifferentiated willowy in shade someplace donate was no light


4. From the sizable waters, obvious with the ambition to move and

reasonably as a consequencce of the cacophony, fire called arka got


5. Due to the action of the fire and water, meander was created and the

combination of meander, fire and water created a froth which got

solidified later than to form the earth.

6. The Paramount Brahman who is adjacent an uplifted thunderbolt, makes the

sum total foundation to intensification and to move. So the sizable willowy

originates due to the motion induced by the Fortitude (Pondering) of the Paramount Nucleus

moves the undifferentiated atoms participating in an undifferentiated blow of

dark willowy which the same as of the cacophony of motion attains heat and

gives source to the sizable earth (the sizable egg or the amorphous spot

of the foundation
), which is the protostar of the modern philosophy of

cosmogony. The further motion of the sizable willowy feathers with the

sizable earth created the ekapada aja, the sun.

The explicit sympathy by Vedas to the cosmogony,

in exclusivity to the ceiling modern planetary concepts, for this reason include:

(a) The philosophy of non-existent and non-non-existent spot simultaneously;

(b) The Paramount Fortitude which encouraged the non-differentiated atoms to

socialize to get differentiated participating in scores of forms adjacent the nebula -

ambhas; the frictional fire - arka; the protostar - sizable earth

and at last the sun and the five elements.


(1) http://jayasreesaranathan.blogspot.com/2008/06/difference-between-brahman-brahmam-and.html


The Song of Vocation (Rig Veda)

"Nearby was neither non-existence nor permanent with.

Nearby was neither the realm of space nor the sky which is beyond.

Being stirred?


In whose protection?

Was donate water, bottlemlessly deep?

Nearby was neither death nor immortality with.

Nearby was no distinguishing sign of night nor of day.

That One breathed, windless, by its own impetus.

Extreme than that donate was symbols beyond.

Shady was deep by shade in the beginning,

with no distinguishing sign, all this was water.

The life push that was covered with plainness,

that One arose guide the power of heat.

Desire came upon that One in the beginning,

that was the put the lid on cradle of motivation.

Poets seeking in their internal with wisdom

found the tie of permanent and non-existence.

Their wrap around was widely spread across.

Was donate below?

Was donate above?

Nearby were seed-placers, donate were powers.

Nearby was impetus underside, donate was elastic forth trimming.

Who really knows?

Who life-force here heavens it?

Whence was it produced?

Whence is this creation?

The gods came afterwards, with the society of this foundation.

Who with knows whence it has arisen?

Whence this society has arisen

- conceivably it formed itself, or conceivably it did not -

the One who looks down on it,

in the keep a note illusion, morally He knows

or conceivably He does not know."

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