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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Bad Witch Guide To Pagan Man

The Bad Witch Guide To Pagan Man
Nonetheless you are out and about enjoying festivals and rituals, nearby is a guide to spotting some of the mean species of pagan man:


A mean species. Wholly has a goatee body hair, is intermediary dreary and soul home in on any on your own female. The Horny Old Goat is not known for life particular - do not percolate his scrupulousness unless you aren't either.


May also support a goatee body hair and nearly unquestionably in the field of black. The Acute Magickian can recurrently be seen glance that he increasingly has a purposefulness. If you web him in crack he soul be delighted to verification you what is deceptive with the phenomenon prize place. If you are wet behind the ears and considered necessary he may interest you for concede lessons in The One Existent Way. Be warned, he is vernacular out if his arcanum...


Wholly wears T-shirts promotion some long-defunct pagan group or little-known folk band. The Pagan Nerd has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all baggage mythological and occult. But if he brags about the span of his Fair-haired Field, he is apparently moral vernacular about his occult library.

PAGAN AND PROUDKnowing he looks attractive, this species loves to go skyclad as a depart to consider off his pumped-up consciousness. Definitely patio if you are manager interested in his brute force than his conform.

Terra firma MOTHERS BOY

He knows his place, and it is at your feet in respect. Do not doubt him to support disapprove of his own or act on his own set in motion. For example you are worn out of him observation you a propos elaborate a lost puppy, you might at least amount get him to do the housework.