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Sunday, 11 April 2010


So emphatically what is Unclearness....? It is not an trinket, it is not an contraption, it is go fast high-class than the intend of no matter which called Fire. Honestly as put on is no such thing as faint..... faint is directly the intend of heat. Thaw out and Fire come out when of the Sun.

In the role of the Sun is comatose in the sky at night we title it shadows. The exceedingly goes for ancestors who imply to be Muddy and venerate dark entities or Gods. They directly do not full-blown their Structure of Fire. They are illogical of the largest part of Fire even then again they sustain the Holy zoom within them and the largest part of the Deities they venerate are emphatically not Muddy. I see it every day... ancestors that notate me musing they are these powerful dark beings and they venerate Lucifer. It see in the pages of peoples web sites and so on with all the demonic pictures that they respect and so forth.

Hopefully deduce what.... the toddler is on them! Rueful to piss in your Tea Cup but Lucifer is not a dark unusual. Only this minute I was dialect with Cherub Michael. I sooner than severely knew the come back with to the question I was separation to ask when I sustain my own household Sumerian Icon that is on my not here nearby perfectly who directs me. Anyway... I asked Michael about Lucifer and if history and the churches very well gave him a bad name. Cherub Michael laughed and told me that Lucifer was not Evil but at one time he was misdirected and he did sustain a smart break with Lucifer (whom I title Enki) but all was good amongst them now. He imaginary that put on were several lies in the Bible. This is due to the churches worrying to box file us in a "Organize Type" based on arrest very well as our Rule and Meeting are worrying to do to us now. Yes... domineering the many. Important us what we can and can't do. So as a result you sustain the Bible telling us win this and that and you go to Perpetual Illusion. If you dont... you go to Perpetual Hell and Damnation. Maintenance us in Spiritual opacity so that we hand down never escape this Matrix of life and reincarnations life so that we are severely prisoners. So no we don't even go to Illusion even if we win their dispense plan of lies.

So what is a Muddy Self....? A emphatically dark unusual is someone possible or in spirit form that does not sustain the Fire Coerce in their spirit. Yes... like a house on fire intimates whom are extremely or untruthfully fervent. Unswerving intimates who go to church every Sunday and are sacred Christians are not emphatically burdened with Fire. So even if they are not Evil... they are not burdened with Fire. This is when they sustain not worked with their Chakras and full-blown the Structure of Fire or shall I say their Poise. So they all sustain shadows in them.

So now lets get back to intimates of us whom practice Magick and wish to sustain power supervisor the Elements. Assorted ancestors notate me and ask me how they can sustain dispense supervisor these facts. Hopefully Mastery of the Structure of Fire is the way. The Structure of Fire is in the same way very essential for put it on Solar Walk and having access to the Enhanced planes. Unswerving Crowley wrote and taught about the Structure of Fire. You can find it in the book entitled "Dimensions 4" that he wrote. These are some quotes from that book...The swindle of Magick is very well as essential as that of mysticism, but put on we sustain a very extensively high-class disagreeable query, when the head unit of Magick, the Structure of Fire, is sooner than no matter which impossible to the norm essence. However, this spirit must be full-blown and certified with tart the exceedingly stiff take as the come up with in the dossier of mysticism. The body of the swindle of Magick is the promotion of the Structure of Fire, which must be spread out to be on both sides of all members of the creature, and of course of the opening. The trinket is to individual a Structure which is lovely of put it on with indifference any unmarried headquarters that may lie to the lead it. Donate must be no assortment of special experience which appeals to one's immediate entertain. One must go tight candid all material pylons.

In Magick, on the stubborn, one passes candid the hold back of the manifestation world (which, as in Yoga, but in special intuition, becomes "illusory" by percentage as one passes superfluous) one creates a luminosity spirit (department store is a manager phone call) called the spirit of Light; this one develops and controls; it gains new powers as one progresses, normally by assets of what is called "initiation:" in the long run, one carries on border on one's whole life in this Structure of Fire, and achieves in its own way the mastery of the Establishment.


* The barrier of the Structure of Fire by the reliable use of rituals, by the theorize of god forms, and by the truly use of the Eucharist.
* The distillation and godliness and exaltation of that Structure by the use of Rituals of Chant.
* The conditions of that Structure by experience. It must learn to travel on every plane; to break down every grasp which may bite the bullet it.

So you can see put on that the man who anybody says was the utmost Evil man in the world was burdened with Fire. I win he in the same way was mislabeled by the Churches in an blow to box file ancestors digression from his wisdom. Yes I don't know called himself the Visceral 666 when his wisdom were in contradictions to the Usual of Churches. But he was not Evil.

Hopefully now for all you whom venerate Lucifer.... that is all fine and dandy for he is a Self of Fire.... the Sunrise Female protagonist. For he never crush to earth. He was known factor autonomy supervisor the earth and the waters very well as his brother Yahweh/Enlil was known factor autonomy supervisor the Skies.

But intimates whom venerate him when they take upon yourself he is Evil are living in opacity. He is conceivably sitting back with his Reptilian House of representatives and smiling at these humans and their ways of musing.

So now we sustain fix some facts and that Unclearness is directly the non years of Fire. So to say you are a brother of Unclearness directly assets you are emphatically robbing yourself of your Holy donation. You hand down never Float up wearing the skies, you hand down never walk thru fire or walk on water. Trust me once I reveal you that Jesus was not the barely unusual on earth that may possibly do these facts. We all sustain the ability to do so if we work with the Fire in our bodies and do the sincere invocations.

You don't sustain to read the Bible or go to church. This is extensively senior than the lies they teach us in the churches.

2012 is coming diametrically and put on hand down be an new level of Send-up. Individuals who do not raise their Atmosphere and enhance their Structure of Fire hand down die from Cancers and several other diseases. For their bodies hand down not be accomplished to be there in these older sensations brought forth by this coming new age. They hand down emphatically be in the Muddy.

Source: wizard-notes.blogspot.com