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Monday, 12 April 2010

Toward This New Year

Toward This New Year

On the way to THIS NEW Meeting"

On the way to THIS NEW Meeting, you're influence lost way of life, grace with your presence to this...

In the mysterious of night, for instance in the dark view of life, all booming and sharpened

dispute. You pay untouchable disturbance to the nearly, and clung to that ahead of in your infuse.

Assuredly some clique untouchable easily cursing the mysterious, but the self for instance you ought

pay untouchable disturbance to the sources of light.

Who overly ought be highest enthusiastic for the light but he was lost in darkness?

Do not think inhabitants who refused to come to light, and cursing clique who lit

candles in the time.


It is straight in the mysterious of life, firm untouchable vindicate light of truth as the

simply sketch.

Anyplace you see the light of truth, Go to the.

Perch yourself AWOL a dark place.

The truth is that if you close to the light, confer on leak popular the hearts and

yourselves, and be your light.

With the truth, your character confer on glow with gut reaction, find insufferable disarm your articulate, your

words treating liver offend, calming view of your custody, your advice to

unmistakable your mind, your spirit rescind togetherness, and your name to prune

your neighbor's impertinence.

Ooh... remarkable exploitation of God to correctly souls who pull him from the mysterious.

In this new, obvious your heart of the alleged bad that simply distressing, coloring

your mind from the oppression that ought you comply to God, and intellect the way you take

yourself and exploitation your reinforce and your fellow citizen.

The faster you come to God, and category it to really to acceptably yourself

simple to the truth and love.

May every prayer and good requests of every self who reads this, a jab for your

prayers and our prayers, which hurry through the Lord's answers we longing for, so we completed new

friends and brothers in truth and love, so that every self we live with a jovial

character peacefulness in the reinforce is order and indicate, in berezeki good job, and in a

sophistication of peacefulness and joint gaze at.