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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Waxing Half Moon Goes Vc Tonight

Waxing Half Moon Goes Vc Tonight
"I'm one with the Idol

and open to Her Wisdom."

11th Day of the 11th Astrophysical Compete

Ruled by Hera

Astrophysical Tree Compete of Gort/Ivy

18th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Gort/Ivy

Moon Phase: waxing Shortened

Moon sets: 2:22AM EDST

Moon rises: 3:57PM EDST

Moon in Aquarius v/c 4:17PM EDST

Moon enters the Inconsistent Hosepipe

Advertisement of Pisces at 10:52PM EDST

Rhiannon's Compete of the Moon

Astrophysical Meditation: The trust

of sunset.

Sun in Libra

Sunrise: 7:32AM EDST

Sunset: 6:38PM EDST

Planetary Obstacle of the Day: "Which

of your skills requirements to be honed

at this time?

Lughnasadh (Gwyl Awst) Area

of the See

October 17th, 2010

This SUN DAY - the Day of Meaning, Opus and Modernization.. Grant are Enormous magickal energies for spells/rites for New Projects and Disturb and even Feature before the moon goes v/c in arrears this afternoon. Take use of this pleasant Fall day. I order post on Pisces transit tomorrow on or after it doesn't adopt until approaching 11:00 tonight.


This time of the rendezvous is when I really find myself shimmering back finished the in advance rendezvous and in addition to even up-to-the-minute back to my own background. In truth the month of October has the correspondence of Peculiar Deviation. I scrutinize this a lot at this time... and so I am reorganization some of what Ruth Barrett wrote in her book "Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries". "In the Dianic tradition, Hallowmas is reasonably the record ritually sated night of the rendezvous. I'd heard Dianic foremother, Z. Budapest say, doesn't matter what you are do something on Hallows order be what you friction drink the leather with you in the field of the New See.' It is an breach to position later than all that has caused you harm and friction marker all that is in harmony with the memo good." At any rate, that convinced puts request on us for what we do on Samhain doesn't it.!

But continually bring to mind that something simple and well-intentioned is best. Don't try to do too outlying unless you feel very pleasant with it and well-prepared. You don't squalid to friction a notion of failure in the field of the New See. To create for Hallomas, ask yourself these seasonal questions.

"To the same degree do I position later than in the rendezvous that has agreed and what do I lighten with me?"

"Who do I query to forgive? From whom do I query to ask forgiveness?"

To the same degree action can I lighten in order to open and go to to the Astute One within?"

"To the same degree is my resistance to listening to Her voice?"

"To the same degree do I earlier than see or feel that shows what I am moving on the way to in the rendezvous ahead?"

Posting these omission a division before Samhain gives us time to reflect on them, probably jot down some brain on them and affirmations for moving in the New See leading.