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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Book 4 Part Iii Magick In Theory And Practice

Book 4 Part Iii Magick In Theory And Practice

Reproduce REVIEW: Reproduce 4 Boundary III MAGICK IN Speculate AND Materialize BY ALEISTER CROWLEY

Boundary III is noble "Magick in Speculate and Materialize", and is maybe the peak earnest field within Reproduce 4. In this part, magick (with the eternal -k) is careful in Crowley's now horrendous "Entrance", which is the seed of assorted extensive statements, such as

* "Magick is the Science and Art of causing Digression to go by in submission with Preference."

* "One studied act is a Sparkle act."

* "Magick is the Science of understanding oneself and one's requisites. It is the Art of applying that understanding in action."

* "Magick is dexterously to be and to do."

It contains assorted earnest essays on frequent magical formulae, such as Tetragrammaton, Thelema, Agape, AUMGN, and IAO. The field as a consequence addresses meaningful magical theorems, essential components of ritual, and ordinary practices (e.g. banishing, saintliness, spell, foresight, etc).

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