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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Seven Sermons And The Book Of The Law A Jung Crowley Comparison

Seven Sermons And The Book Of The Law A Jung Crowley Comparison
In the sphere of is an statement by me only published in the British "Pentacle "magazine. It is an purloin mime of the "Gnostic Rejuvenation "strategy in my Crowley book. I grip likewise posted it as a note on my Facebook "Avalonian Aeon Publications "Fan Slip. I am clear to make senior use of imagery on this blog. It is likewise the circumstances of my Blog Maw Interactions introduction on the extraordinarily domain.

In 1904 Aleister Crowley took copy, from what he held to be a non-human wisdom named Aiwass, of "The Presume of the Law", a characters that announced the emergence of a new "Aeon of Horus" that would be characterised by immoderation of torture and jubilation. If the work has any actuality one potency dependence other facts from that time would get the impression the extraordinarily forces at work.

One man who gave grand piece to undercurrents in the view of western humanity was Carl Gustav Jung. The all the rage awareness of a collectivist reluctant derives from him. He played a illustrious serve in motivating implicate and reappearance in a widespread range of mystical topics drawn from the world's traditions.

In "Carried by the wind Saucers: a Flow Legend of Ideas Seen in the Sky", Jung expressed his belief that the UFO quirk was an example of "'manifestations of psychic changes which always pull in at the end of one Platonic month and at the beginning of brand new. So it is said they are changes in the constellations of psychic dominants, of the archetypes, or "gods" as they cast-off to be called, which bring about, or be responsible for, long-lasting transformations of the collectivist view.'" Data that were underside the psychic horizon were mutiny once more fashionable consciousness modish the transition fashionable the emergence of the new Platonic month or astrological moment, the Age of Aquarius.

In the chief of the Top World War, Jung was fascinated in an overwhelming era with a Gnostic deity. Abraxas is customarily depicted as having a mortal immensity with a rooster's pointer and legs similarity serpents. Sometimes he has a hawk or lion's pointer. He tends to hold a good deal and a guard. He is ally with one of the leading Gnostics, Basilides, who flourished in Alexandria regarding about 120-30AD. The lettering of the name of Abraxas were united with statistics and other up to 365, consequently significant his relationship to the astrophysical day and the laws of the freshen.

"Abraxas gems" came in the form of gems, tableware, or prescription of metal. They were specifically inscribed with his name. A few had depictions of Egyptian god-forms with inscriptions such as Abraxas and IAO. Most enthrallingly of all from my soup?on of view, some showed the kid Horus seated on a lotus flush, forefinger raised to his lips in the magical analgesic of soothe. This is none other than the extraordinarily Harpocrates who disposition in The Presume of the Law and is in a daze on Crowley's Aeon tarot trump. Others had Jewish words similarity Jehovah and Adonai. Portray are images of a cock, a lions pointer with the word Mithras, wicked forms, sphinxes and apes, and manifold Egyptian deities. The name "solar-phallic," which Crowley cast-off to dispatch to the Thelemic precipitate, math up their mutual attributes.

Soon concerning the summer of 1916 and February 1917 (donate are deviation dates in definite accounts), ended three straight-talking evenings, Jung had a "Presume of the Law "experience, caption "Seven Sermons to the Dead". The era was heralded by custom in the cutback home. Jung's children saw and sensed ghosts. One had a trial dream featuring an angel and a devil. Jung himself felt a powerful atmosphere accommodation. On a Sunday afternoon, the bells started clangor. No mundane tourist was faithful. The trappings may possibly be sound seen moving on its own. The air in the whole internal seemed so thick with spirits that it was inferior to animate. Jung cried out, "For God's sake, what in the world is this? A church choir of voices replied, "We grip come back from Jerusalem anywhere we found not what we sought after.

Via the barriers concerning the worlds worthless, Jung calm down to reminder a superb characters. Its authorship was approved to Basilides. We don't grip as manifold proof on the soubriquet of structure as donate are with Crowley. Portray is although presumption ended whether or not Jung was mediumistically dictating from a perfectly he held to be Basilides or expressing some part of his own view in the form of a Gnostic teaching.

"From Jung's Red Presume"

Basilides sets out to pass on the dead, who loop to be crusading knights who messed up to find fulfilment in Jerusalem, in other words, in deposit Christianity. Their god awareness got a makeover in encountering Abraxas who, "is undefinable life itself, which is the mother of good and evil rival. He is the brightest light of day and the sincere night of madness. He is apiece the fair and the dark shadow of man. Abraxas generates truth and pretend, good and evil, light and shade with the extraordinarily word and in the extraordinarily fake. Therefore Abraxas is in fact the appalling one. He is the shocking of the criminal world, the octopus with a thousand tentacles, he is the twistings of winged serpents and of madness. To unease him is wisdom. Not to take him mouthpiece delivery."


Abraxas did not loud get unheralded. The kind of Aiwass was of key draw your attention in Crowley's "Presume of the Law" experience. Jung had his own daemonic angel who helped open the deck for the "Seven Sermons". In 1913 he had begun to knowingly turn over prophetic experiences in what is now highly praised to Jungians as diligent prediction. A kind appeared who he knew as Philemon, an impressive white-bearded robed thyme with multi-coloured kingfisher wings. Jung described him as having "an Egypto-Hellenistic atmosphere with a gnostic blossom." Philemon became a perceptive to Jung, guiding him in times of prophetic experiences that verged on mental illness. This astute old man aspect of his view, that some occultists potency yield as an inner echelon entr, in imitation of served as the means for the interior Basilides-Abraxas recording.

The 1913 visions were certainly shaped by Jung's absolute reading on the mystery cults of antiquity, in fuse Mithraism, which had an drawn out enchanted for him. All the way through the peak of the Alexandrian Hermetically sealed era, Mithras had become awfully triumphant in the Roman world. In the syncretistic technique of the time, his form mutated. A advanced of family god-forms scatterbrained and blended. Mithras, Abraxas, Aion. A deviation spelling, Meithras, adds up to 365 similarity Abraxas. Crowley claimed that the chastise name of the idol theoretically worshipped by the Templars was Baphometr which alleged "Edge Mithras."

"Planetary barge from Jung's Red Presume"

The Blonde Create had a manner highly praised as the conclude of a god-form. It fascinated challenging imagining oneself in the term of some deity. One potency sit with a fuse pose that the selected form has been depicted in. If it was an Egyptian god for example, it potency likewise mean imagining oneself to grip an animal pointer of some low. A lot of artefacts potency be visualised as peculiar said. Crowley had steadily tiring on the form of Horus modish his Blonde Create days. He in imitation of felt that this had helped to ascent him towards the Cairo protest that led to his pronouncement of himself as Logos of the Aeon.

The prominent of Jung's prophetic experiences has abandoned only become larger than commonly highly praised, at the outset in "The Aryan Christ "of Richard Noll. One night in December 1913, in a state of diligent prediction, he started to experience a knit shield itself regarding his immensity. As it did so, he found himself despoil on a crucifixion posture and his pointer variable carve fashionable that of a lion. Jung had expected the god-form of the Mithraic leontocephalic (meaning lion-headed) cosmocrator (first of the concept), Lady of Spit, Aion. He achieved such vigor as to experience sum passport, in his own words, "Adoration. In this deification mystery you make yourself fashionable the shrewdness, and are a shrewdness of establishment in which the opposites perch. So Aion, the lion headed god with the knit rounded his immensity, once more represents the understanding of opposites, light and dark, male and female, establishment and damage. It was vitally an initiatory experience. The confrontation was set for Seven Sermons, anywhere Jung was the shrewdness of the Mithriac Aion's family Abraxas, unifier of opposites.

"Mithraic Aion"

"Seven Sermons "wasn't published until following Jung's death in 1961. Not manifold of his group had even highly praised of its aura. A trivial spring of copies had been circulate with a elected few. Crowley had no knowledge of it. Stay poised this interest group even if, from "Liber VII", one of his in imitation of holy books from 1907, to Jung on Abraxas.

"O all ye toads and cats rejoice! Ye slimy belongings,

come hither!

Transport, do to the Lady our God."Crowley.

"He is the lord of toads and frogs, who stay in water and come out unto the land, and who sing together at high midday and at midnight."Jung.

The two passages do closer loop to be create from a normal perfectly of belief.

The Hermetically sealed Marshal of the Blonde Create had family tree as very much in Alexandria as inhabitants of Basilides. A few of its members, with Crowley, were as ready students of mystery cults and Gnosticism as Jung. The utmost magically illustrious example of this is the mileage got from an cross mid nineteenth-century one of the intelligentsia work, "Disperse of a Graeco-Egyptian Enthusiasm upon Charm "from a Papyrus in the British Museum by Charles Wycliffe Goodwin. It featured an Spell of the Headless One.

Blonde Create more Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers had completed use of it as a mutual opening invocation in a edition he completed of the medieval grimoire, the Lesser Key of Solomon that became highly praised in the order. It featured a neatness of what's become highly praised to magicians as "Barbarous names of Implication," sarcastic, apparently insensible words that livestock a fondness of primeval strata of humanities' ceremonial consciousness. A few would imperial that with the medieval theatrics may be existent waste with a history that goes back to Alexandria and farther than.

As Kenneth Bestow explains it in "The Magical Rejuvenation, "The Headless One was a name set by the Gnostics to the Sun in Amenti, ie the Happy in the Underworld.
In other words, the headless one typified the hidden god cadaverous underside the horizon: in terms of psychology, the subconsciousness, the involuntary Strength. Crowley used to the edition from Headless to Bornless, "to gesture the fact that the Real Strength is domain to neither physical nor death, its vehicles mystified are domain to these twofold phases of appeal in the staggering world. The invocation of the Bornless One so forms the practical circumstances for contacting the utmost hidden of all gods or daemons - the Deified Armor Cherub. It begins -

"Thee I summon, the Bornless One.

Thee, that didst think up the Alight and the Tune.

Thee that didst think up the Brown and the Day.

Thee, that didst think up the shade and the light."

Crowley's accommodation found its furthest back form as "Liber Samekh. Theurgia Goetia Summa (Congressus Cum Daemone), "a heavy strategy within the extensive work of art, "Magick". This included the barbarous names Qabalistically used to, elucidated, and translated fashionable English. He restrained it to be his final tourist information for the invocation of the Deified Armor Cherub.

Crowley advised in his extenuating proceedings for the ritual that it would force a neatness of "assuming the form and the consciousness of the Basic God of the zone." Via fire in the south, this would be "a astrophysical phallic lion. Jung knew all about that. The barbarous name Abrasax (a deviation spelling) is interpreted to mean, "of the Edge, the Sun, of Hadit, of the spell of the Aeon of Horus!

The utmost inordinate of all magical incantations, Abracadabra, derives from the name of Abraxas. "The Presume of the Law "contains the defining Thelemic deviation Abrahadabra, a magical create explaining the soul of the understanding of Nuit and Hadit. "In the ball I am someplace the centre as she, the frame, is nowhere found". "It likewise refers, as Kenneth Bestow explains in "The Magical Rejuvenation", to "the two faces, or the dual aspect, of HAD, as the astrophysical twins, - Set and Horus (Hoor-Paar- Kraat and Ra-Hoor-Khuit). This calls to intelligence the duality of Jung's Abraxas.

This debate of the Jung Crowley relationship opens up a leafy subject for a great deal investigate of the modern magical reappearance that I feel is defining and character nominate proceed fine fruit.

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"From Jung's Red Presume"

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